Moon Marked: Prepare Part 3

Chapter Nineteen ★ Prepare

。☆✼★Luna ━★✼☆。

I stared at the table. It was one of those old dirty wood torture tables. No way I was going to get on it and I pulled back then said, “Nah-uh.”

“Why you–” The unknown sisters growled. She rattled the chain and yanked hard. I tripped forward and hopped a few feet.

Tianna added, “Get on it, now.”

“Nope.” I replied then crossed my arms. They’ll have to force me onto that slab of splinters before I’ll even touch it.

Crabby sis slapped her palms together and whispered something under her breath. The iron around my neck heated up and I yowled, “Aiiiieee.”

“Get on the table.” Tianna demanded and tapped the surface with her long fingernails.

Touching the iron with my fingers I pulled them back when the searing pain sizzled into the skin. A strong smell of bacon wafted in the air. Each of the tips bubbled with burns.

Unnamed sister glared and continued to whisper under her breath. She held her palms together to keep the enchantment active. Tianna’s mouth quirked up at one corner letting smug smile settled in on her wormy lips.

The pain around my neck increased as the smell of cooked flesh continued to fill the room. I wanted to gag or throw up because I knew that I was the one being cooked alive. Are they trying to kill me? Would Tarot even let them do that?

Sister with no name released the hold and the searing pain went away. She slammed down on the old wood then said, “Get on the table, fish. Or do you want to fry some more?”

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Moon Marked: Prepare Part 2

Chapter Nineteen ★ Prepare

。☆✼★Luna ━★✼☆。

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked and trailed behind them. They didn’t answer. The sister whose name I didn’t learn threw me a side glance then turned away.

Okay. Guess they don’t talk to strangers. We walked down several more dark corridors lit by candlelight and turned more than once.

I grumbled, “For Triton’s sake. Are we there, yet? My feet are getting blisters from walking so much.”

“Silence.” Tianna replied and tugged the chain. The links rattled and echoed off the stone walls. In the distant water dripped in a steady cadence. We were going further underground. Great… no not really.

How long has this system existed? Is it new? Why didn’t any of our intel catch wind of this type of work being done?

Pearl came to mind. Oh. Yeah, that’s right. She was in charge of a lot of things. Including our information. Makes sense about how we didn’t know that Daniel’s father was still alive.

Still can’t believe that she’s working with the witches and the merlocks. I doubt that it’s entirely for revenge. So, what’s her angle?

We came to an abrupt stop. My nose made contact with the back of the head of the unnamed sister. She shoved me back and growled, “Watch it, fish.”

“Fish? Did you just call me, fish?” I said in a low tone. Word to the wise, don’t call any mer-person a fish. It’s a good way of getting a busted lip or losing a limb or two.

She rested her hand on her hip and leaned back then said, “Yeah, fish, what of it?”

“Don’t call me–” I tried to reply but Tianna yanked on the leash. “Gurgk.”

The unnamed sister unlocked the door that was to our right and pushed open the heavy oak door reinforced with iron bands. The room was dimly lit with candles that threaten to snuff out at any moment. In the middle stood a lone table with restraints made of iron and silver.

With a shove the sisters forced me into the room. I stumbled a few feet until the collar caught me then yanked me back. The twins waltzed on past pulling on the leash for me to follow.

Tianna pointed at the table, “Okay, mermaid, lie down.”

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Moon Marked: Prepare Part 1

Chapter Nineteen ★ Prepare

。☆✼★Luna ━★✼☆。

The doors to the room burst open and a croc-man came rushing through it. He stopped just before the witch and bent over. Breathing in heavy breaths he said between them, “He’ssss… gone.”

“Gone?” The witch’s voice volume increased. “What do you mean, gone?”

Croc-man winced and threw his hand over his head and cowered towards the floor. He replied, “Wolf-man and sssseawitch tooks him.” 

The chain rattled in her hand and she lashed out at the crocodile. A whimper escaped his lips as the metal bit into his flesh and came away with droplets of blood. Her voice seethed as she said, “Then go get him back. I need him.”

He groveled on his knees then backed away towards the door and said, “Yesss masssterrrr.”

“Tsk.” She said through clenched teeth. “Worthless.”

Yanking on the chain the witch hauled me to my feet. She pulled me closer to her and gazed into my eyes. A wry smile crawled across her dark lips and she said, “Defiant little one, aren’t you?”

I didn’t reply but continued staring at the wall beyond her. No need to talk to this one. I knew who she was based on the files back at the base. 

Her name was Tarot Shade. Part of the third tier to the witches hierarchy which was a total of five. Subordinate to the witch, Evanora Darkmire.

She’s the reason for many mer-people’s disappearances. What we didn’t know was how she was able to get her hands on them. Now, I knew.

Tears threatened to fall as Pearl came to mind. How could she? To her own kind? What made her turn?

“Emotions have no meaning with me mermaid.” She rattled the chain then gave it a good tug and begun walking. I stumbled forward but caught myself before falling down.

Tarot paused to cast an evil glare and said, “Do not dawdle. We do not have time.”

I returned the glare with interest. She shrugged her shoulder then turned and pulled on the chain once more. I had no choice but to follow her.

We walked down the narrow dark hallways. Reptilian men scurried and got out of the way by jumping into the shallow alcoves and doorways. Tarot paid no mind and tugged the chain to make sure I followed.

One of the shadows ahead extended from the wall then blocked our path. Candlelight flickered across the form melting the shadows away like seawater. The siamese twins stood before us and bowed then said, “How may we be of service mistress?”

“You’re late.” Tarot barked and yanked the chain with the iron collar almost choking me. I let out a gack and hopped to catch my footing. Sheesh, by the time I’m through I’m probably going to have black and blue rings around my neck. 

Tarot handed the chain to the sisters then ordered, “Take this mermaid to be prepared for tonight.”

“Mistress?” The one on the right said and blinked. “Don’t we need the b–”

Sister on the left covered her sister’s mouth before she even had a chance to finish. She kept a careful eye on Tarot and swallowed as she glanced down. I followed her gaze and saw the blue flame engulfed in her hand.

Leftie, which I’m calling her, replied, “Sorry, mistress. Tianna, forgot her place. We will prepare the mermaid as you commanded.”

Tianna pushed her sister’s hand away then added as she bowed, “Yes, mistress. Please forgive me. I did not mean to question your order.”

Tarot looked between as she held the flame in her hand. I didn’t dare swallow in case she turned on me with that fireball. She held it for a second longer then sighed. The flame extinguished.

She said, “Prepare the mermaid for tonight.”

Both sisters bowed and replied, “As you wish, mistress.”

“Do no fail me.” Tarot added with an intense glare.

The twins shuddered and bowed again as they said, “Of course, mistress.”

Tarot turned around knocking me against the wall and left. Her heels echoed down the hallway and faded into sheer silence.

Tianna let out a breath then said, “Come. We must prepare.”

‧͙⁺˚*·༓ – TO BE CONTINUED… –☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

Moon Marked: Lost Part 5

Chapter Eighteen ★ Lost

。☆✼★Daniel ━★✼☆。

“But,” He said and squeezed me once more. “If only…”

She placed her hand on his arm and brushed against my leg that hung to the side. They continued walking and away from the amusement park. 

The woman said in a glum voice, “Your sister did what she had to do. I owe her my life.”

“I know.” He stared forward not bothering to glance down at her. It felt awkward overhearing their conversation. Almost they should have been behind closed doors.

The sensation that their words gave off felt intimate.

Another wave of calm, cool, burst of power whisked over my bare skin as the fur dwindled away. The woman threw a blanket to hide my body. I began to remember.

I mumbled, “Thanks Aunt LeAnne.”

My dad smiled then said, “He’s coming back to us…”

No clouds were in sight letting the sun’s bright rays shine down on all of us. I swore that I saw a glint in my dad’s eye but he turned away to hide it.

“You’re welcome,” Aunt LeAnne said and walked beside us in silence.

Dad refused to let me down so that I could walk on my own two feet. It felt good to be human again. The early morning joggers gawked at my dad who still was in werewolf form. But, Aunt LeAnne joked that he was testing out his convention costume.

Our journey back had no encounters. Which was pretty odd considering the past few days. Dad placed me down onto my bed then covered me with the blankets. He pulled out a chair and sat right next to me.

Aunt LeAnne busied herself moving through each of the rooms throwing together luggage. Luggage? Why is she doing that? I tried to sit up but dad pushed me back down. I asked, “What is Aunt LeAnne doing?”

He cast a glance my way then quirked an eyebrow up and said, “We’re leaving.”

‧͙⁺˚*·༓ – Chapter 18 :: Lost Done – Stay tuned for Chapter 19… –☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

Moon Marked: Lost Part 4

Chapter Eighteen ★ Lost

。☆✼★Daniel ━★✼☆。

Light beamed and the dark cobwebs that tried to cling on melted away in the brightness. Everything began to come back. How I wanted to go home and how much I wanted my dad to come save me.

I let out a howl as the residue of the witch’s spell wore off and the wolf held me still. He then picked my limp body up from the ground and walked. The lizard men continued to usher hisses from the shadows but dared not to attack.

The wolf rumbled, “Easy Daniel. We’ve got you. We’re going home.”

Home. The very word shook my core and I melted into his strong arms. He held me close to his chest and I felt safe. Behind us the woman lagged behind.

A bright light flashed once and the lizard men screamed. She shouted, “Go no further. You have no claim over him. He is ours and ours alone. Go and tell your mistress that the young wolf is no longer in her power.”

Several footsteps and clawed feet scrambled against the dirt ground. The wolf that held me continued walking away and leapt up and over the front gates. He grumbled under his breath, “Should have burned down the place back then… should’ve done it when I noticed that they were fixing up the dang place.”

The woman’s cool voice came right beside him and said, “Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve, Stephen. Those are words of the past. Let it go. You have Daniel. That is all that matters… now.”

“But, this doesn’t help Tabby.” He huffed then squeezed me closer.

She sighed then replied, “That is the past. She is no more. Let her go.”

‧͙⁺˚*·༓ – TO BE CONTINUED… –☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙