Chapter Eighteen ★ Lost

。☆✼★Daniel ━★✼☆。

“But,” He said and squeezed me once more. “If only…”

She placed her hand on his arm and brushed against my leg that hung to the side. They continued walking and away from the amusement park. 

The woman said in a glum voice, “Your sister did what she had to do. I owe her my life.”

“I know.” He stared forward not bothering to glance down at her. It felt awkward overhearing their conversation. Almost they should have been behind closed doors.

The sensation that their words gave off felt intimate.

Another wave of calm, cool, burst of power whisked over my bare skin as the fur dwindled away. The woman threw a blanket to hide my body. I began to remember.

I mumbled, “Thanks Aunt LeAnne.”

My dad smiled then said, “He’s coming back to us…”

No clouds were in sight letting the sun’s bright rays shine down on all of us. I swore that I saw a glint in my dad’s eye but he turned away to hide it.

“You’re welcome,” Aunt LeAnne said and walked beside us in silence.

Dad refused to let me down so that I could walk on my own two feet. It felt good to be human again. The early morning joggers gawked at my dad who still was in werewolf form. But, Aunt LeAnne joked that he was testing out his convention costume.

Our journey back had no encounters. Which was pretty odd considering the past few days. Dad placed me down onto my bed then covered me with the blankets. He pulled out a chair and sat right next to me.

Aunt LeAnne busied herself moving through each of the rooms throwing together luggage. Luggage? Why is she doing that? I tried to sit up but dad pushed me back down. I asked, “What is Aunt LeAnne doing?”

He cast a glance my way then quirked an eyebrow up and said, “We’re leaving.”

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