Moon Marked: Caught Part 1

Chapter Two ★ Caught

。☆✼★━ Daniel ━★✼☆。


Good. The lights were off. I knew it was late when I finally turned the corner on to my street. I glanced over my shoulder to make sure those girls weren’t following me.

Last thing I needed right now was for my Dad to hear I was so called peeping on naked chicks. Which for the record I totally was not doing at all.

Most of the house had already gone dark. My house would have been the only one lit if my Dad chose to wait up for me. I let go of the breath that I held. Whew. Now time to sneak in… if I can.

I don’t like arguing with my Dad. But he just doesn’t see things from my point of view. Never has. The small pebbled of our dirt walkway crunched under my feet as I got close to our small front patio.

It wasn’t that big. Nor was our house. A mere 1100 square foot house with two bedrooms and one bathroom.

Most of the houses in my neighborhood were small. They were built in the late sixties early seventies when people didn’t need those ginormous mansions that people now live in today.

Standing before the big wooden yellow door, with the two teal curtained slander windows on each side of it, I reached into my hoodie pouch in the front to grab my house key. My hand grasped nothing. It was gone. 

Lint played with my fingers along with some loose change. I checked my other pockets. My heart sped up when I realized my wallet was missing too. Those thieving brats… I’m gonna so call the cops on them.

First, I needed to get back inside without waking everybody up. Maybe they left the door unlocked? I can only hope. I licked my lips, readjusted the paper bag in my other hand, and reached out to the battered doorknob.

I wrapped my fingers around it and felt the several battle scars I received over the years of abuse. A moment ticked by as I stood there and stared down at the knob and hoped that Casey left it unlocked for me.

“Okay. On three…” I breathed and tensed up. “One. Two… and three.”

With a quick twist of my wrist I felt the knob refuse to turn in response. “Crap.”

The door was locked. I rattled the knob a few more time because it did have a history of getting stuck even when it was unlocked. Nope. It’s locked. Dang it. Okay… plan C it is.

Off to my right on the small covered patio was an old rocking chair that use to belong to my grandma. Beside it sat a small potted plant. I ambled over to the plant, stooped down and moved it off its clay watering tray.

Normally there would have been a key waiting for either Pete or me to use in this instance. But nope. The key wasn’t there.

Instead there was a yellow note that said, “Go around back.”

‧͙⁺˚*· – TO BE CONTINUED… –☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

Moon Marked: Bitten Part 5

Chapter One ★ Bitten :: Cont’

。☆✼★━ Luna ━★✼☆。


“Luna,” Pearl continued, “You can be so dense. I swear you’re brain was swapped with a jelly fish.”

“Hey!” I snapped back. Yeah I know not the best comeback but I am still confused as to what Pearl was gabbing at. How would the kid’s wallet ensure a promotion?

Pearl hustled up the wooden steps of the porch to lock the door to the house. She rushed back down, wrapped her arm around my neck and pulled me along with her, “C’mon we gotta get back to headquarters.”

Urk. My feet dragged along the pea gravel in the garden pathway. She was going to fast for me to keep up with her so I fell backwards on my butt. Using my injured hand I slowed my fall just a wee bit. Ouch. Pearl ran back to where I sat on the ground. She tapped her foot and huffed.

My hand twinged… okay not twinged. It throbbed. It throbbed like a mother sending out manic waves of intense burning pain. Man, I hope it isn’t infected. Of course merpeople don’t get infections often. Pearl offered her hand to me and I graciously grabbed a hold of it with my good hand.

With her hand clasped firmly in mine I yanked her down to the ground. Hard. She fell face first into the gravel with a satisfying yelp. Good. She deserved it. She mumbled, “Wha’cha do that for?”

“Payback.” I winced as another throb burned around the bite marks in my hand. Landing on it did not do it a world of good. Of course all the adrenaline from tonight’s events had worn off so I gather it did hurt this bad but I didn’t notice ’til now.

Pearl propped herself up on her elbows and glanced at my bloodied hand. She pursed her lips and said, “You really need to get Doc to look at that… it might be infected.”

I glared back at her. “No, it’s not infected. It just twinges that’s all.”

She pushed herself up to her knees and stood up. With an arched eyebrow she asked, “You’re not gonna pull me back down again if I help you up, are you?”

“Depends.” I replied.

“Depends on what?” She asked. Crickets chirped in the background. The evening air cooled down with a breeze carried in by the ocean. In the distance I could hear the waves crashing against the shoreline. Pearl was right on one thing we needed to get back to headquarters to give our reports.

“Fine.” I offered my good hand again. “Help me up, would ya?”

“Sure,” She grinned and grabbed my hand. With a solid yank I was back up on my feet. I did not let go of Pearl’s hand. She tried to walk away but I pulled her back and asked, “So do ya mind telling me what yer planning?”

“We have to go back.” She answered.

“Duh,” I rolled my eyes. “Obviously. But what about the kid? Standard protocol says we should do a mind wipe on him.”

Pearl glanced towards the ocean. I could tell her mind was on something else. She said, “We’ll deal with him later.”

“Are ya sure?” I asked. “Cus I don wanna get my butt handed to me by my own dad ’cause you wanted to do it later.”

She waved her other hand at me in a dismissive manner. “Yes, I’m sure. C’mon we’ve gotta get your hand looked at… it’s bleeding again.”

I didn’t notice it nor did I feel it. Looking down at the blood soaked towel droplet of blood stained the ground from where I stood. The bite surged another burning sensation throughout my entire being. I breathed in and gasped when another wave of pain pulsed throughout my body. The world begun spinning about me as the edges started to fade to black.

With one last gasp I said, “Oh for Triton’s sake…”

Pearl called out, “LUNA!”

The world spun sideways and my head bounce off the gravel path before everything went dark.

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ – Chapter 1 :: Bitten Done – Stay tuned for Chapter 2.. –☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

Moon Marked: Bitten Part 4

Chapter One ★ Bitten :: Cont’

。☆✼★━ Luna ━★✼☆。


He sat up and rubbed his eyes. He groaned, “Ow, my head… where am I?”

The kid face went pale as he reached up around his neck. He called out, “My camera. Where’s my camera?”

Pearl and I looked down at the ground close to the kid. He looked down too. The sad remains of his camera littered the dirt. Are camera’s really that fragile?

“Oh no.” He said and the corners of his lips turned downward. Looked like he was about to cry. Instead he smacked the ground with the palm of his hand and turned away from us.

His shoulders shuddered and I did hear the faint sniffle come from him. I tried to go to him but Pearl snatched my arm and hissed, “Didn’t you learn from the last time?”

“C’mon, Pearl. He ain’t no werewolf. He’s just some kid whose having a rough night.” I shot back.

She arched an eyebrow and kept a firm grip on my arm… it almost pinched a bit too much if you’d ask me. Her gaze went down to my hand wrapped in a bloodied towel. “Some kid, huh? Then what the heck bit you tonight?”

Pearl did have a point. A dang good point. No matter if I wanted to believe this kid wasn’t a werewolf… the truth of the matter of fact is… that he was one. And there’s no telling if he’ll transform again if he’s angered. Alright then we’ll just take this nice and slow.

I called out to him, “Hey kid. Sorry bout yer camera. Ya got some parents we can call fer ya?”

His arm moved up and over as he wiped his nose with a loud sniff. He hunched back over his knees and answered, “I’d prefer if you’d both leave me alone.”

Pearl jumped in, “Well, I got some bad news for ya kid. You have three choices… one you vamoose right now, two we call you parents or three we call the cops. Which one it’ll be?”

He pounded the ground with his fist. He growled, “I said leave me alone.”

“You’re in my yard.” Pearl pointed out. “You need to leave. Take your camera and go or I will call the cops.”

“Are you nuts lady?” He shouted. “Can you not see my camera is busted to bits? It’ll take me forever to pick it all up.”

“Not my problem.” She replied. “Maybe you should have thought twice before trying to take perverted pics of us.”

I could feel the heat rolling off the kid as stood up. His hands clenched into tight fists as he breathed in and out and his shoulders tensed. If I let Pearl continue to beret this kid then things were gonna get ugly and ugly fast. With a roll of my shoulders I pulled my arm out of Pearl’s tight clutches I approached the kid like I was walking on eggshells.

In a small voice I said, “Look. I don’t know what you were doing and I don’t want to play the blame game. So let’s agree that tonight didn’t go as planned.”

His shoulders loosened and his breathing was slowing down. Good it seems like I might be getting through to him. I continued, “Is there someone we can call?”

The kid stiffened at my question. Uh-oh. Time to back peddle a little. I added, “A friend, maybe? It doesn’t have be a parent…”

He let out a sigh then answered, “No.” A few seconds later he asked, “Do you have a bag that I can use?”

With a nod towards Pearl she went back into the house to get a plastic bag. I asked, “So, what’s your name kid? Mine’s Luna.”

“Daniel.” He replied still looking down at the busted camera. It was one of those digital ones. Not cheap. Most of the damage appeared to have happened to the lens and not the camera body. He might be able to salvage it. Hey! Just because I’m a mermaid doesn’t mean that I don’t know about human technology. Give us merpeople some credit. Sheesh.

The door slammed shut as Pearl came out with a paper bag. She held it out to Daniel. He looked up and took it then begun picking up the pieces to his camera. He mumbled, “I don’t remember falling on the camera. What happened? Why can’t I remember what happened?”

I answered his question, “You don’t remember because you’re a werewolf Daniel.”

He stopped midway on picking up another piece. His jaw hung open as his eyes widened. He stood still with his mouth wide open that I feared that bats might roost in it.

“Daniel, was it?” Pearl asked.

Daniel blinked and closed his mouth. He placed the shard of glass into the paper bag and replied, “Yes.”

“It might be a shock to you but it’s totally normal.” Pearl continued, “Our record told us that there were no werewolves in the south however they are a few years out of date. You’re living proof.”

“Normal?” His eyebrows shot up. “What’s normal about being a werewolf? And how the heck do I know y’all didn’t rufy me?”

He pointed at Pearl and me, “You’re the new ones here and I’ve never seen y’all before. So who are you?”

“I’ve already told you my name,” I replied. “My name is Luna and her’s is Pearl.”

“So.” He glowered. “Still doesn’t explain how y’all suddenly showed up.”

“I can explain.” I stepped forward and motioned with my arms in a welcoming gesture.

He shot his hand out and said, “Stop. Don’t come near me or I’ll call the police.”

Daniel swiped a few more pieces of his camera lens from the ground before snatching the body and tossed it into the paper bag. He folded the top several times then held it at his side. Before he took a step he threw a menacing glare at each of us and said, “Don’t follow me. I don’t trust you. If I see you again then I will call the police.”

Both Pearl and I stood where we stand and watched the little punk leave our yard. I doubt that he actually believed us about him being a werewolf. Heck, if I was him then I would have a hard time swallowing that nonsense too. But it was true… and the truth is always the hardest to believe.

The crunch of gravel faded as Daniel’s tennis shoes carried him out of earshot. He went south and away from our house. I was about to follow when Pearl said, “No. Don’t follow him. We don’t need to this time.”

I cocked my head to one side. That’s odd so I asked, “Why not this time? Isn’t standard procedure to wipe their memory?”

She shook her head and held up a tan leather wallet between her fingers. I smacked my forehead and exclaimed, “That’s what yer where looking for earlier.”

Pearl held a smug smile on her face and merely replied, “Yup.”

“So, what are going to do? He knows about us.” I leaned towards the garden exit. “We can’t risk him blabbing about us being here…”

Pearl waved the wallet at me, “By all means this might work in our favor. If my hunch is right this might mean a promotion for me AND you.”

“A promotion?” I blinked.

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ – TO BE CONTINUED… –☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

Moon Marked: Bitten Part 3

Chapter One ★ Bitten :: Cont’

。☆✼★━ Luna ━★✼☆。


“Yessss. Masssterssss will know… yesss.” The creature agreed and back peddled into the wood fence behind it. It’s leathery skin sounded like sandpaper against blacktop as it edged its way out of the yard. Ugh, I hate that sound. It’s almost as worse as the sound of Styrofoam. Ick. Jus’ thinking of it makes my skin crawl.

The boy still slept on the ground undisturbed. Still I kept watch on the critter to make sure that it left and didn’t try to pull a fast one on us. Surge of energy sung within my veins. The battle ain’t over yet. Pearl and I followed the creep with our eyes as he exited the yard. The stench of foul eggs lifted I duly noted when he truly left our presence.

Blech. Nothing worse than having that rotten egg smell linger. I smacked my lips and searched for my beer. Maybe it survived the whole thing… maybe… I can only hope.

“What are you standing there for?” Pearl interrupted my search. “Go and check on the kid you were so darn determined to protect.”

I rolled my eyes. That’s right… the kid. Did I mention that I have this habit of getting sidetracked? I’m worse than a dog who saw a squirrel. Pearl pushed me aside, “Oh for the love of Triton, Luna. You’re about as useful as a bag with a hole in it.”

“Hey, a bag with a hole can be of use.” I shot back.

I ambled over to where she was squatting over the boy. She was picking through his pockets looking for something. The genius that I was asked, “What are you looking for? He’s a kid. He doesn’t have any money.”

Pearl stopped and placed her hands on her hip. She lifted her head slowly and gave me a look that topped even my own mom’s stare. Now, if she weren’t squatting over the boy and looking like a chicken with her arms hinged outward then I might have not laughed. But I did.

Her face got even more red which made it worse. I laughed, “Stop! You’re gonna make me pee myself.”

“I’ll make you do more than pee.” She snapped back. “C’mon you butt head. Get serious. Use that pudding between your ears that you call a brain and think.”

I had to turn away from her because she was still squatting over the kid with her arms out like chicken wings. Snerk. It’s too funny not to laugh. Okay… okay… gotta stop laughing. Giggle. Chicken wings… on Pearl… ha-ha-hahaha… okay… easy now Luna. Gotta get myself back under control.

Breathing in through my nose I let the cool air travel through me. Then blew it slowly out through my parted lips. I repeated the ritual a few more times and relaxed. The smell of rotten eggs no longer hung in the air.

With my mind centered I turned back to Pearl. She puffed out her cheeks, flapped her arms and squawked, “Bwa-bawk!”

We both busted out laughing. She fell backwards and rolled on the ground. I fell to my hands and knees clutching my sides. Man, I really needed to pee. Between each gasp for air as I laughed, “Now, you’ve dun done it…. I had myself all under control… and you jus had to go make yerself out like a chicken.”

Pearl guffawed, “I couldn’t… help it. I realized… what you were smirking about… and… and… *snort* … went along with it.”

“Jus stop,” I laughed. “I’m gonna pee myself if we keep this up.”

The kid let out a groan and stirred from where he laid on the ground.

Pearl and I stopped laughing.

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ – TO BE CONTINUED… –☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

Moon Marked: Bitten Part 2

Chapter One ★ Bitten :: Cont’

。☆✼★━ Luna ━★✼☆。


I couldn’t even finish my sentence when Pearl literally yanked me inside the doorway and then shut the door fast.

“What about the kid–” I tried to say before Pearl slapped her palm over my mouth.

“Shhhh.” She hissed.

My eyebrows knitted upwards. She continued to look over her shoulders at the closed door still keeping my mouth closed with her hand. Gravel crunched under the heavy footsteps that walked in our tiny unkempt garden. The dark presence that we felt coming our way became palatable with the distinct ick of rotten eggs. That poor kid.

What in tarnation could be out there? Is this what we were supposed to find on our mission? Is this the evil that lurked about in Tybee Island?

Darn it all. I need to take a look at what this thing might be… the taste of salt danced along my buds as my tongue glided against Pearl’s soft hands. She pulled away with a frown and shook her hand before rubbing it on her khaki capris pants. In return I smiled at her and she held her hand in a fist as a playful warning.

Crawling on my belly I made it back to the doorway side windows and peered beyond the curtains that hung on the side windows. The figure was intentionally keeping his details blurred for I could not make out who or what it was. My heart stopped when it bent down to where the boy lay prone on the ground.

“For Ursula’s sake…” I hissed. “It’s going after the boy.”

I shot a look back at Pearl. She shook her head no. Her eyes were wide in the dark illuminated by the little light that streamed in from the top window above the door.

Darn it. We are supposed to look after mankind. Even though the kid bit me I felt obligated to keep him from harm. I leapt up to my feet and turned the knob. It slipped because of my blood soaked towel. Yet I was determined to save the kid. So I grabbed the knob harder in and turned it feeling the latch slid loose from the its nestled cave in the doorjamb.

It didn’t matter that I was choosing to put my life in danger. It really was about that kid. Sure, yeah he bit me. Bit me real good. But heck, he deserves a second chance. Everybody did.

I threw the door open wide and Pearl yelped, “Don’t!”

Too late now for the door slammed against the wall with a loud bang and bounced back a little. My foot stopped it from smacking me in the side. The pain in my hand throbbed. I was ready to face whatever it was that chose to feast on the little perv outside…

Hunched over the boy was a dark figure. No way it could have been human. I could feel Pearl standing by my side which gave me the courage to shout, “Hey buddy!”

I took one step forward. Blood boiled under my skin as it hardened and readied itself for battle. Tiny spikes emerged on my arms and the ends of my elbows. I continued to the end of the porch, “Leave the kid alone. You want him? Well, you gotta go through me first before you can even touch him.”

The dark figure whipped around with yellow eyes that glowed in the dark. It bared its many elongated teeth right back me. It’s muzzle was long like that of an alligator. Behind me the faint whisper of Pearl unsheathing her blade sent a wave of reassurance through me. The beast reached towards the boy on the ground.

“Ya deaf?” I shouted at the creature. “The kid’s off limits.”

“Merlock?” It asked in a low growl and cocked its head to one side. Its one shadowed paw held over the boy.

I spat to one side. “No. Not even close.”

Pearl stepped up beside me and pointed her blade at the creature, “Leave. You are not welcomed here.”

It hovered and tapped its chin. Then glanced down at the boy, “But such meat will go to waste. Such waste. Such tasty tasty waste.”

The wind buzzed in my ear as Pearl’s knife embedded itself in the wood fence behind the creature. It stood with wide eyes then clapped its hands against its own cheek. It screamed, “Aieeeee. Mercy young ones. Mercy… mercy.”

“Begone foul demon.” Pearl jutted her chin out. “And tell the witches that we know they’re here.”

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ – TO BE CONTINUED… –☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙