Chapter Nineteen ★ Prepare

。☆✼★Luna ━★✼☆。

I stared at the table. It was one of those old dirty wood torture tables. No way I was going to get on it and I pulled back then said, “Nah-uh.”

“Why you–” The unknown sisters growled. She rattled the chain and yanked hard. I tripped forward and hopped a few feet.

Tianna added, “Get on it, now.”

“Nope.” I replied then crossed my arms. They’ll have to force me onto that slab of splinters before I’ll even touch it.

Crabby sis slapped her palms together and whispered something under her breath. The iron around my neck heated up and I yowled, “Aiiiieee.”

“Get on the table.” Tianna demanded and tapped the surface with her long fingernails.

Touching the iron with my fingers I pulled them back when the searing pain sizzled into the skin. A strong smell of bacon wafted in the air. Each of the tips bubbled with burns.

Unnamed sister glared and continued to whisper under her breath. She held her palms together to keep the enchantment active. Tianna’s mouth quirked up at one corner letting smug smile settled in on her wormy lips.

The pain around my neck increased as the smell of cooked flesh continued to fill the room. I wanted to gag or throw up because I knew that I was the one being cooked alive. Are they trying to kill me? Would Tarot even let them do that?

Sister with no name released the hold and the searing pain went away. She slammed down on the old wood then said, “Get on the table, fish. Or do you want to fry some more?”

‧͙⁺˚*·༓ – TO BE CONTINUED… –☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙