Who are we?

Charmed Embers Publications.
Even with one story we can make a difference


We believe that no one should be left without a good story to read and that even with a single story we can spark one’s own imagination so that they may feel confident in following their dreams and thus inspire others to do the same.


By writing stories that include the wonders of magic, alternate realities and unimaginable beings we are able to spur the curiosity of our fans who in turn take their enthusiasm and use it to inspire others.


Bringing you stories with a magical touch.

Ugh… how pretentious 😛

What is this ‘WE’ thing?

I mean I’m not royalty so what’s with the ‘we’ this and ‘we’ that?

Seriously. I’m like you.

An everyday author coming up with amazing stories that I hope that you will enjoy.

I’m Alicia Scarborough (or A.L. Scarborough for those who read my new adult somewhat steamy novels).

I write Youth Urban Fantasy and New Adult Urban Fantasy. Magic has always been a thing that I truly love to read about.

My all time favorite books to read are:

  • The Dresden Files Series
  • Mercy Thompson Series
  • Redwall Series
  • The Otherworld Series
  • Twilight
  • and many many more

Do you have any recommendations for Sci-Fi or Fantasy series?

I would love to hear what you have to say.

Feel free to say hi on FB or Twitter.

I usually respond… if I’m not in my dungeon writing more crazy stories for my characters to endure. Mwahahahahaha.



Alicia Scarborough

Alicia Scarborough, also goes by A.L. Scarborough, has a MFA in Interactive Media & Game Design and likes ponies, Oreo cookies, her birds and adorable Pomeranians “Bubba” & “Gatlin”

She loves thrilling paranormal stories about werewolves & vampires and helps out with the Clean Speculative Fiction Readers Group on Facebook.

Her latest initiative is helping out with the new Author community non-profit group Burning Embers




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43,500 of 80,000 words


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