Mystical Mishaps Series is a . . .

High Middle‑Grade Urban Paranormal Fantasy Series


The recommended age for this series is 12+ years. The stories sometimes have dark and intense scenes but end on a good note with a valuable lesson.


So, if you like fun, magic and goofy antics with a little bit of darkness mixed in then Mystical Mishaps Series is for you.


Join Helga, Agnes, and Ursa as they unravel the mysteries of their long lost Uncle Cornelius, uncover the various evil schemes by the TRUE Society and try to stay out of trouble with The Order of Magic.

Grab your magic wand . . . or spatula and hold onto your pointy witch/wizards’ hat for this ride is about to get wild.


Ursa’s Dating Disasters: Book 2 of Mystical Mishaps – Release Date July 2018
A Sandwich To Remember: Book 3 of Mystical Mishaps – Release Date August 2018

Mystical Mishaps
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Mystical Mishaps Book 2

Ursa's Dating Disasters: Rise of the Vampire Brethren There were quite a few setbacks with this story and I am still working through them. However, I do hope to get this story out by July 2018. We'll see how that goes... In the meantime here is what book 2...

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Alicia Scarborough
Alicia Scarborough, also goes by A.L. Scarborough, has a MFA in Interactive Media & Game Design and likes ponies, Oreo cookies, her birds and adorable Pomeranian “Bubba”

She loves thrilling paranormal stories about werewolves & vampires and helps out with the Clean Speculative Fiction Readers Group on Facebook.



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