Chapter Eleven ★ Motive Cont’

。☆✼★Luna ━★✼☆。

I waited for him to get further down the road before I made mad dash across the road. The sirens got closer. They were probably for that one kid that Pearl and I found earlier. One would only hope so for his sake.

Edging to the darker side of the house I crouched down near the porch and listened. The kid inside was crying over something. The other person, who sounded like a woman, was there soothing him in a calm voice.

Sheesh, this kid is a sheer wimp. I didn’t cry like that when I was his age. A sudden vibration from my pant’s pocket got my attention. Pulling the phone out of my pocket I answered it in a low whisper, “Hello?”

“Good grief Luna.” Pearl replied between breaths. It sounded like she was on the run again. “Are you there at the kid’s house?”

I nodded. Not like she could have seen me nod but I still nodded out of habit then said, “Yeah. I saw Ray dash off after he heard the sirens. He didn’t seem too worried about the father.”

The sound of gravel skidded like she was make a quick turn on one of the dirt roads. She let out a huff then said, “Yes. I saw him run this way. I think he’s trying to backtrack but I got the bastard in my sights.”

“What about the other kid?” I asked as part of the words caught in my throat.

“Heh.” She laughed. “Since when did you start caring Luna? I thought you didn’t care for mankind anymore.”

What is with her? She has been a real pain since my transformation. I responded, “I’ve never stopped caring. Sure, I might turn into a blood thirsty creature but I’ve never stopped caring.”

She went silent. The knotted feeling in the pit of my stomach tightened. A dark feeling grew before I asked, “Pearl? You still there? What’s going on?”

Pearl whispered, I could barely hear her over the static, as her words transmitted, “Shhh. Can’t talk right now. Stay where you are… I’ll come for you soon.”

The connection ended. Oh for the love of Triton. Humph. I didn’t even get to ask her about Stephen.

Well, might as well do a bit more snooping. I edged around the house to the backyard. The night sky was taking over as the evening lightning bugs came out to greet it with nightly dance ritual. Crickets, frogs and cicadas filled the air with their dusk serenade.

Voices were coming from the room that led out to the back patio. The back door had been opened so the screen door to could let in the evening breeze. I stuck to the shadows as I listened in on their conversation.

Daniel was telling the woman about what happened. The man, Ray, apparently followed him and Calvin home from school. He knew that Calvin intercepted the man so that Daniel could get away.

Wow, these kids have some guts. To take on Ray requires being extremely brave or stupid. Either one would work. I’m going with a mix of both considering they didn’t know who or what Ray was capable of doing.

I snatched a look into the lit room. The female’s back was to me as she sat in one of the chairs. The backside of her seemed familiar. She got up and grabbed Daniel’s glass and walked to the sink.

As she peered out the window every single part of me went cold and froze. I know her. She died twenty years ago… or she supposedly died in action. How is she even here?

‧͙⁺˚*·༓ – TO BE CONTINUED… –☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙