Chapter Eleven ★ Motive Cont’

。☆✼★Luna ━★✼☆。

As I approached the houses near the end of the graveled road I noticed the dark figure standing at the edge of a yard. His long dark hair with blue highlights draped over his muscular shoulders. He looked my way as I dove into some bushes.

The man shrugged and turned his attention back to the person who owned the house. I needed to get closer to hear what they were saying. Using the cover of the bushes I crawled on my belly and moved to where I could listen in to the conversation.

On the front porch of the house that the dark figure stood at I saw a man with a rifle aimed right at him. I stared at the dark figure and had no doubt that it was my ex, Ray, the merlock spy. I ground my teeth and did my best to not launch out of the bushes straight at him.

Ray kicked some of the stones around never letting his eyes wander from the man on the porch. He said, “I thought you drowned.”

“So you thought.” The man spat with his rifle still trained on Ray. “If I were you I’d leave. Now.”

“Give me the boy.” Ray said in a neutral tone.

“Go *bleep* yourself.”

Ray let out a small laugh. I imagined the grin that was plastered across his face at this moment. The other man’s expression turned sour. His body tensed up as my eyes roamed over his body. He seemed familiar.

“I won’t tell anyone that you’re still alive.” Ray mentioned and added, “if you hand me the boy.”

“Our business in Michigan is over with monster.” The guy replied. “You had your chance to kill me then and failed. Touch me or my family and you’re breaking mer-law.”

Ray let out a loud laugh as he held his sides. “Truly? Mer-law? Such monsters like you are not covered under that law. You’re no longer a man nor is the boy. You belong to me…”

He paused and added with a low voice, “…or the witches.”

“I suggest you leave before my finger slips.” The man said with a growl in his voice. I noticed his golden eyes got brighter. He had a scar across his nose and the bridge appeared to have been broken and not set right.

In the background sirens sounded. I looked down the road but did not see them. Turning back to the two men standing off I overheard Ray’s last words before he darted off in the other direction, “This isn’t over Stephen Shaw. Your contract will be fulfilled.”

I blinked then watched the man on the porch keep his rifle trained on Ray until he was no longer in sight. Part of me wanted to run after Ray but I knew the boy wasn’t safe if I did it. Energy surged through me as I kept still in my hiding spot.

The man, Stephen, lowered his rifle and went back inside. I could overhear people talking. Then the kid spoke. This was Daniel’s house for sure. Daniel’s voice wailed about someone named Gracie.

In a flash Stephen was outside and ran down the road. As he passed the bushes he glared at them like he could through them and right at me. His gaze rocked my body and it shook but I still took a photo of him with my phone. The name Stephen sounded familiar but I wasn’t sure why.

‧͙⁺˚*·༓ – TO BE CONTINUED… –☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙