Chapter Eleven ★ Motive Cont’

。☆✼★Luna ━★✼☆。

Her eyes glanced my way as I pressed deeper into the shadows. I hope she didn’t see me. Crickets continued their serenade as I counted my breaths and listened for any signs of her coming outside. 

The sound of the kitchen faucet cut off and she moved away from the window. Phew. That was close. Agent Tsunade was one of the top notch agents that went MIA and was thought to be dead. Her skills were top notch and almost legendary.

My pulse quickened at the mere thought of being caught by her. Why is she here? Are all of our records incorrect? The dark feeling tightened more around my gut knocking me to my knees. Have to keep it together or she will find me here and then that’s game over.

Come on Pearl… hurry up. I scanned the backyard but nothing stirred. A few birds flew into the bushes to nestle down for the night but nothing else moved except for the creatures of the night.

Inside the house Daniel continued to moan and gripe about some assignment from his teacher. Man, what a whiny brat. I hope Pearl and the Doc can find a way to untangle his curse from me so I don’t have to listen to him. Though I wonder if what Ray said was right… would his curse have vanished if the kid died? Or would I have died with him?

Considering mermaids and our odd reactions towards most magic my bet is that I would have died too. That’s a merlock for you. Trying to get the upper hand on mermaid at any chance that they have presented to them.

Vibrations. I grabbed my phone from my pocket and opened up the phone. I snapped in a hushed voice, “Pearl where in the world are you?”

A man’s voice laughed then hissed, “She’s can’t talk right now.”

I narrowed my eyes and growled, “Ray.”

“Ohhh?” He purred and said, “So nice to hear from you darling. You know what I want I assume?”

“Don’t hurt her.” I said choking back the fear in my voice. “Just let her go.”

“Mmmm.” He replied. “Can’t. For you see… the witches and I have a bargain.”

“Bargain?” I said while using the shadows as cover and moved to the side of the house. “What, bargain?”

“I promised them the boy.” He said, inhaled then breathed, then added, “but your friend’s blood will do… it’s the least I could do for them in return for their service.”

“Ray. I trusted you.” I growled again. The moon wasn’t quite full but the boiling blood of the raging shark within in me wanted out. “I’ll make you wish that you never crossed paths with me if you hurt Pearl.”

He inhaled like he was smelling Pearl’s hair. Ray replied, “Then bring me the boy if you want your pathetic friend to be spared.”

Biting my lip the taste of copper tingled on my tongue. Oh Triton, what a mess we’re in now. Lend me your strength. The steady hum within me kept constant. A crack sounded as my hand gripped the case of the phone harder.

I looked back at the lit kitchen and whispered, “it won’t be easy…”

“You have until tomorrow night.” He said and disconnected.

Dang it all. I wanted to smash the phone on the ground right then and there. But I paused for off in the distance I heard a person whistling. I clung to the shadows to hide as the man got closer and walked up the porch. Stephen.

He stopped and flashed his golden eyes my way. I held my breath. How in the world does this guy know where I’m at? Sweat slid down my temple and back. His gaze never wavered.

Stephen whispered, “Best you leave before things get more complicated for you, miss. That’s my only warning.”

Eep. He did see me and he WARNED me! Oh Triton! Oh My Triton!! I can’t square off with a werewolf nor a legendary mermaid agent. I stayed glued to the wall and waited for him to leave.

He shrugged his shoulder and went in side after messing with the front doorknob. Inside I heard him chastise the agent for leaving the door unlocked. Now’s my chance before he changes his mind.

I rushed off to the rental house. Where it all started to get my bearings. I needed more information and help. Time to call the commander.

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