Chapter Eleven ★ Motive

。☆✼★Luna ━★✼☆。

The sounds of our feet hitting the pavement changed as we turned and headed down the graveled road. We had been running ever since we came to the surface. Pearl continued to stare straight ahead determined to catch the merlock spy, Ray.

I said in between breaths, “Look, I’m sorry that there were casualties at the base and in the bubble room. It could not be helped.”

We ran a few strides before she replied, “It isn’t you Luna. But those men didn’t need to get hurt. Had we caught on to Ray a lot sooner then this whole situation would be different.”

“But we didn’t.” I spat while the sour taste of betrayal lingered on my tongue. Ray was supposed to have been the one. Our relationship was getting serious but was that a cover up only to get closer to my father?

He had only transferred from his base about two months ago. Ray passed all the background checks though was it possible that we have more than one merlock spy among our ranks?

Scenes of the bubble room and the hallways leading up to it flashed to mind. Several of the men with twisted limbs and necks laid still on the ground never to move again. I shuddered.

Pearl winced and remarked, “I can’t stop thinking about it either.”

We had been running for good solid thirty minutes but she and I can run longer. However I noticed that she was slowing down so I matched her pace. She pointed down another road and said, “This way.”

“Are you sure?” I asked. It was odd that she knew where to go especially since we did not know where this kid lived. A knot grew in the pit of my stomach. The feeling became intense as I casted a sideways glance at Pearl. Was she replaced by a merlock spy too?

Pearl stopped. I went a few more paces in front then halted before I spun around to face her. She had in her hands a brown leather wallet and was studying its contents. Smacking my palm to my forehead I groaned aloud, “Of course, the wallet.”

She didn’t even look up and replied, “Yeah genius. How else did you think I knew where this kid lived?”

“I thought you turned it in when we got back to base?” I said and watched for her reaction.

With a quick flip she closed the wallet and placed it in her back pant’s pocket then pulled out a clamshell phone. Her fingers diligently tapped a few times on the screen as its bright light reflected in her eyes.

She smiled and said, “Never had the chance. Good thing too because your ex would have used it to wait for him at his house. This gives us an edge since he doesn’t know where this kid lives.”

“Huh.” I said then frowned as I kicked a small stone. It tumbled and skipped across the gravel road until it hit a dark mass on the other side. The mass groaned then moved.

“Holy Triton.” I said and ran to the moaning object then waved Pearl over. “Pearl, get your butt over here.”

She snapped the clamshell shut and walked over to where I stood. I couldn’t see the person’s face but I could smell Daniel’s scent all over him. Pearl frowned too then nudged it with her toe.

“Wimp.” I eyed her and stooped down to get my hands dirty. Reaching out I placed a gentle touch on the dark mass and gave a simple shake. It moaned then rolled towards us as Pearl and I both jumped back.

“Daniel?” It croaked. The person’s face was swollen and covered in dark black and blue bruises. Several slashes covered his arms like he was defending himself against his attacker. One of his forearm bones was poking through his skin and blood had marred his clothing.

The color of his skin told me that he had been like this for a while. He was pale due to the loss of blood. This kid needed our help but so did Daniel.

I crouched down again and said, “Sorry but we’re not Daniel. Do you know him?”

The kid tried to move but I stopped him and continued, “Stay still. You’re badly hurt. Do you know who did this to you?”

The kid responded, “Ugn, some guy with dark hair and dark eyes was following us. I tried… to… stop him. I think… I think he was after Daniel.”

Pearl sucked in air between her teeth. This was bad. The kids description might mean Ray had found them.

“I tried… tried to…” The kid went on and let out a shaky breath before he said, “…to …stop him.”

His body ceased up then went limp. Pearl already had her phone out calling for help. She said, “Hello? 9-1-1? I have an emergency.”

I stood back up. Pearl pointed at the next road and held her hand over the receiver, “Luna you have to go. I’ll stay here and help this kid out.”

“But–” I tried to say but she cut me off and said, “You know we can’t leave him here… he’ll die.”

The loud echo of gunshots went off not too far away. Pearl bent down and held the kid’s hand as she continued talking with the person on 9-1-1. She saw me standing there unsure of what to do and she mouthed, “GO. NOW.”

With a slight nod I took off down the graveled road leaving my friend and partner to save the other kid whose life was barely hanging on by a thread while I rushed to save Daniel’s.

‧͙⁺˚*·༓ – TO BE CONTINUED… –☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙