Chapter Fourteen★ Hostage Cont’

。☆✼★Daniel ━★✼☆。

“You won’t make it.” She said and I turned my head her way. In her hand was the same green bottle tilted my way. I reached over and took it.

The glass felt cool in my hands and heavy. Bringing the opening up to my lips I tilted it and let the brew slid down the neck. It brushed against my lips and tingled. Bubbles burst and played along my tastebuds as the heady scent of hops wafted up to my nostrils.

My first beer. I thought my old man would be the first to share this experience with me. It stung a little as it slid down my throat and settled in my stomach. The ball of nerves that were bunched up loosened and the pain dulled.

The bottle made a small thud when I placed it on the wood floor as I exhaled. A slow warmth covered me and lessened the pain some more. I smiled. The woman nudged my shoulder and asked, “Feeling better?”

I couldn’t help but smile as I replied back, “Yeah. A little.”

Her eyebrows rose as she asked, “You didn’t answer me before but your name is Daniel, right?”

“Yeah.” I said then asked, “What’s your name?”

Her face screwed up a bit as she pulled back. The way that she scrunched her nose was kind of cute. If she didn’t kidnap me I think I would like her. Whoa, hold on, her? She’s like at least seven years older than me.

She let out a bubbly laugh that tingled my insides as she remarked in a southern accent, “Ha! What do ya know. Yer right.”

The girl shifted on the floor then held out her right hand to me and said, “I’m Luna. Luna Shimmers and I’m a mermaid.”

I arched an eyebrow as I took another pull of the beer. I’d have to admit that it was good. Though I shouldn’t be drinking it because I am underage. Oh well. I guess just this once. It seems to be calming my inner wolf.

Luna narrowed her eyes at me then said, “You don’t believe that I’m a mermaid, do ya?”

“Not really.” I replied after I put the beer back down. “Because mermaids are supposed to be in the water and not running around on land.”

“Ha.” She flashed a grin then added, “Kid, you’re out and out wrong.”

She jabbed a finger into my chest and said, “What ya think ya know ‘bout the supernatural world is all wrong.”

Her plump lips were so close to mine. If I moved a little more I could kiss her. Luna pulled away then crossed her arms. I leaned towards her and poked her arm, “Then educate me.”

“Naw.” She turned her head away then sat cross legged on the floor. “Don’t have time.”

Again, I arched an eyebrow then remembered. I blurted out, “Wait, you’re really handing me over to that guy on the phone?”

My heart pounded as time stood still for that moment. Everything became clear as I stared down at the beer bottle. She did say something about beer to that man on the phone. Oh no.

I threw a look her way and she watched with cautious eyes. Her stance was guarded as my surrounding spun. Things went sideways in my vision as my head connected with the wood flooring. Slurred words escaped my lips, “You tricked me.”

Luna reached down and tousled my hair then said, “Sorry kid. I have no choice.”

My eyelids closed then opened twice before they closed once more. After that I felt her pick me up off the floor and place me back in the bed. Luna pulled the covers up over my body before the world faded away completely.

‧͙⁺˚*·༓ – TO BE CONTINUED… –☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙