Chapter Fourteen★ Hostage

。☆✼★Daniel ━★✼☆。

Fabric. Soft and sensual glided over bare skin. Sweat intermingled with the scent of lavender. I rolled over with a groan and clung onto the soft cloud that supported my pounding head. The light was dim and revealed a dark bedroom.

Between blurred to clear vision indicated when my werewolf side was kicking in to help me out. Further in the house I overheard someone talking. Female. She must be on the phone for I don’t hear the other person.

Concentrating harder I listened and heard the low voice of a man reply, “Midnight. Have him ready…”

The man sucked in his breath then added, “… and sedated.”

“Not a problem.” The woman said. Glass clinked in the other room. She added, “Beer should do the trick.”

“It better.” He spat then disconnected. The woman let out a huff followed by a low click. Footsteps, bare it sounded like, walked on the vinyl flooring followed by the sound of a fridge door being opened and closed.

Metal clinked on a surface then rattled for a few rotations before it became silent. Another loud sigh came from the other room followed by loud gulps and guzzle. She complained aloud, “What did I ever see in that jerk?”

I sat up and rubbed my pounding head then doubled over. Cripes, my stomach hurts. With quick shallow breaths the pain eased into a dull thud. Easing myself over to the edge of the bed I placed my feet on the hardwood floor. Its cool surface sent soothing sensations up through my legs.

With little effort I pushed myself up and walked over to the door that was left open. Looking both way I saw light down at one end while the other lead into another dark room. Sharp pain raced through my body as I clutched hold of the doorframe and did shallow breaths.

What the heck is going on? How did I get here? Where is here? Who is that woman in the other room? Should I escape?

I squeezed my eyes shut as more white hot pain soared throughout my entire being. Wood cracked under the intense grip. I let one hand go to see the indentations of where my fingers had once been. 

Footsteps whispered on the floor behind me. They got closer as I held onto the doorframe for support as another wave of pain radiated throughout me. Ice kissed the back of my neck and I straightened up.

She was too fast for she sidestepped my attack before I even had a chance to slash her with my readied claws. Where’d those claws come from?

My knees shook and buckled as my back slid down the doorframe. I sat there on the floor and stared at the ground. Mixed emotions raged on in me as hot tears brimmed and threatened to fall.

The woman knelt down in front and held a green bottle in front of me. Looking up she gave me a weak smile. It was warm. This was the same college girl that accused me of taking photos of her the other night.

She tucked the short blond hair behind her then said, “Here. This might help with the pain.”

“I don’t want it.” I said then grabbed my knees and rested my chin on them. I tilted my head away so that she wouldn’t see the lone tear rolling down my cheek. Yeah, call me a wuss but things have been too much.

The woman sat down on the floor and took another pull from her drink then asked, “Do you want to talk about it?”

“No.” I said and sniffled.

“Geez.” She pushed the green bottle closer to me. “At least take a sip if you ain’t gonna talk.”

“Whatever.” I replied. Why won’t she just leave?

She scooted closer and turned around to face the same way that I was… she was so close that our shoulders were almost touching. I swallowed and tried to keep a steady breath.

“You know,” She began and leaned up against the wall, “you might feel better if you’d just talk.”

I sniffed and rubbed my eyes then replied, “I’m not a girl. Guys don’t talk about their feelings.”

“Oh for the love of Triton.” She complained. “I’m trying to do ya favor kid.”

“Don’t call me kid.” I said and hugged my knees even harder.

Her hand picked up the green bottle and offered it up to me again. She said, “Sorry. Force of habit. It’s Daniel, right?”

I stayed silent. She’s just trying to make it seem like that she wants to be my friend. But I know there’s more to her silly scheme. Glancing back into the room I stared at the curtains that covered the window and blinds. Could I escape or will she catch me?

‧͙⁺˚*·༓ – TO BE CONTINUED… –☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙