Chapter Thirteen ★ Shadow Cont’

。☆✼★Luna ━★✼☆。

Bending down I grabbed ahold of Daniel and hefted him onto my back. Ooaf. He’s a lot heavier than he looks. How can a kid that looks so dang scrawny weigh so much?

The kid grumbled and halved growled in his unconscious state. That’s right he’s a werewolf… well technically a werepup but no matter. Time to get him back to base so I can arrange for the exchange.

Taking another glance around the area I saw parents with their mouths still open as they clutched onto their children’s shoulders. Hmm, guess not all humans are stupid.

With one look back towards the amusement park I shot off in the other direction. The house wasn’t that far and if those Carney creeps even think about getting the drop on me then they’re in for a big surprise.

Readjusting Daniel who rest on my shoulder and on my back I kept on moving taking longer stride than needed. If a person were to take a closer look then they would know that something ain’t right. At this point I truly don’t care for time is a ticking and Danny boy is Pearl’s only hope.

Ah, the broken fence from night before last’s adventure with alligator dude. A quick chill zipped up my spine as I shook. That guy was creepy but crocodile man is even creepier. Especially with their one eye that looks dead and stares off into space.

The sun still hung high in the sky as we both crawled through the narrow opening in the fenced yard. Daniel’s head hit one of the beams and he grumbled. Whoops.

He’s going to feel that when he wakes up. Hopefully he’ll wake up when Ray’s here and I can direct the werewolf at that traitor. I can only wish that the exchange will work out in my favor.

Wood creaked under our weight as each footstep echoed a dull thud. The air was hot and sticky which was the norm for down here in the south. Your either hot and sticky, wet and sticky or cold and wet. Especially for Savannah, GA.

The last step was a bit short and we almost fell head first onto the porch. Lucky I caught myself and did a small stumble as we ran into the screen door. It protested with a slight metallic groan.

I turned to one side and placed Daniel down on the wooden porch next to one of the old rocking chairs that Pearl and I used to sit in on cool evenings. The screen door got stuck but with a yank and a pull it opened then slammed into the porch light.

Glass emitted a small crack from the fixture. Oh for Triton’s sake. I glanced at the light and noticed that only one pane had a spider web like break in it. Okay that can be fixed later. Got to get the kid inside for now.

I grabbed ahold of the brass doorknob and turned it. Pearl and I never locked up the last time we were here. All because yours truly got bit by the same adolescent werewolf that snored loudly on my porch.

Again, I hefted Daniel onto my shoulders and got up with a grunt. Cool air kissed my skin as we both walked through the door. Ah yes the glories of modern technology and may Triton smile on the luxuries of air conditioning.

The kitchen light was off but I didn’t need it because there was still daylight outside. Daniel groaned again as we meandered through the rooms with cluttered clothing, empty pizza boxes and beer bottles on the floor. Down the dark hallway I went into the room that had its door ajar.

Daylight streamed in through the cracks of the curtains and blinds that hung in the room. I placed Daniel down onto the unmade bed and tucked him in. He grabbed a pillow and snuggled up close to it. A warm smile grew across my lips before I patted him on the shoulder and left the room.

I closed the door slightly so that if he woke up then I could hear him. Not that this mermaid needed to do that but its something that most humans take as cues to know that someone is there for them.

Walking back into the kitchen I scooted a chair from the counter and cupboards back over to the table. On it was a knocked over box of Cheerios that has spilt its delicious contents onto the surface. Picking a few up to eat I pulled out my phone and sat down at the table.

The honey taste of crunch soothed my nerves as I went to the phone logs and dialed the last number.

It rung twice before the person picked up but didn’t say a word. I swallowed the cheerio and let out a shaky breath then said, “I’ve got him. When do you want to meet?”

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