Moon Marked: Lost Part 2

Chapter Eighteen ★ Lost

。☆✼★Daniel ━★✼☆。

Who was this wolf that held me hostage? His eyes seem familiar. I bared my teeth and let a growl ripple from my throat.

The wolf shook me like a momma wolf picks up her pup by the nape of the neck and gives them a good shake. My tail curled under and I looked at him. Searching for a clue as to who he might be and why he’d be looking for me.

“Daniel.” He growled through bared teeth. I blinked. He shook me again and said, “Snap out of it, Daniel.”

How does he know my name? This spells trouble if my master see this intruder being all buddy-buddy with me. I snapped at him then whipped around and bit down into his meaty arm.

His fur tickled the roof of my mouth but I savored the sensation of teeth sinking into his rich flesh. He howled and pried at my muzzle trying to get me to let go. I bit down harder.

“Daniel.” He bellowed and flung me across the grounds. I tumbled head over heels then slammed into one of the little wooden stands. It let out a loud crack then groaned before the structure fell inward and collapsed.

The wolf man walked over to where I laid on the ground while holding one massive hand over the ripped flesh. Blood dripped leaving a trail behind him. In the shadows the various henchmen watched from the safety of their hiding places.

He growled and grumbled under his breath, “Dang kid. What’s gotten into you?”

A flash of blue light blazed between us and a female figure emerged. Her hair floated in the air like she was underwater and tiny motes of blue light trailed after her movements. She held up her hand to the other wolf then turned to me.

“Hold.” Was all that she said. The wolf stopped, nodded then waited for this mysterious women to do something.

Eyes filled with sorrow glanced back and for a tiny moment I sensed the sadness and burden that she carried. The air around her ebbed away the darkness and she walked over to me. With a wave of her hand I felt something unhinge or snap then the world’s colors rushed back into place.

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Moon Marked: Lost Part 1

Chapter Eighteen ★ Lost

。☆✼★Daniel ━★✼☆。

The ruckus was happening near the front of the park. Near the gates of admission. Who would be attacking my master’s domain? Who would be so foolish.

A long howl broke through the barrage of sirens. Several henchmen went flying from the direction of the gates as screams of terror filled the air. I crouched low and clung to the shadows and snuck up to the front.

I needed to see who this attacker was and how to take them down. Another howl rippled in the morning air sending shock waves through me. It felt familiar. Like a calling from a pack member.

But I have no pack. I’m a lone wolf yet loyal to the witch, my master. So, who is this wolf? Why are they attacking my home? From the shadows I observed a sandy colored wolf with black tipped tail slash through the throng of lizard men.

He was huge and fast. The swipes from his claws were a blur making it hard even for me to study his movements. As the wolf fought on two legs his eyes continued to search his surroundings.

Paying no heed to the creatures attacking him he looked almost bored with the fight at hand. The wolf felt familiar. Even his scent sent pangs of sorrow through me. Who was he?

The golden amber colored eyes settled on my hiding spot then narrowed. Oh shoot. He pushed the alligator, crocodile and lizard men aside then strode forward like a simple walk in the park. 

By the time my foot hit the pathway he was there already clutching onto my scruff. The mysterious wolf held my wolfen form up in the air and turned me to face him.

His ears laid low then spoke in a low growl, “I’ve been looking all over for you.”

‧͙⁺˚*·༓ – TO BE CONTINUED… –☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

Moon Marked: Rampage Part 5

Chapter Seventeen ★ Rampage

。☆✼★Luna ━★✼☆。

I don’t know what happened to me at that moment but something for sure snapped. Like the dam holding back the raging waters broke loose and the fury within took over. All I saw was red.

“Hold her down.” Pearl shouted. The reptilian men tried their best to stay on top of me. But due to the surge of power that was unleashed they didn’t have a prayer.

Their bodies scattered about the small room and splashed against the stone walls. I whirled around to see Pearl wide eyed and backing away from me slowly. She held up her hands in a placating manner.

A wide grin split my lips as the canines of my teeth extended. Tiny spines erupted along my arms with the blades extended from the elbow to fine sharp edges. Pearl continued to scream at her men, “Morons. Get up. You have to take her down, now, before she breaks the final seal.”

Final seal, eh? I paused and reached down deep feeling for that golden power that hid behind the darkness. The anger incinerated the final webbing of the spell that was put in place. Ah, there it is… a wet ripping sound emerged.

I could feel it. The transformation from mermaid to not a wereshark but a mershark. Like before in the lab with Doc and Pearl my body blazed with blinding light as the two powers combined making moi into a beast of power.

Claws extended from fingertips, a large dorsal fin emerged from the spine on the back and the teeth became all long and sharp with extra rows. Yet, the canines remained longer than the rest. The roar of the transformation kept the shouts and screams of the reptilian men at bay.

As the glow burned down to a low light I saw several bodies littered the floor. Pearl held one man in front of her using him as a shield. Looking over to one side of the room more men were scrambling to get out. One in particular shook as he tried to figure out which key to use to unlock the door.

I grabbed the man in front of me that Pearl held onto and clenched hard on his throat. He struggled using his hands to try and pry mine from his neck. A wet crunch sounded right before blood gushed from the wound that the claws slashed in his throat. He went limp and I threw his body to the side.

Pearl threw her arms over her head and let out a small whimper. I growled, “Don’t do that. I know yer faking.”

A smile curled upon her lips and she let her arm down then straightened up. She gazed up and down at my changed form then said, “Well, well, well. Tarot will be please indeed.”

Arching an eyebrow I said, “Huh?”

Pearl placed two fingers into her mouth in a ‘O’ shape then blew a sharp whistle. Out of the shadows came the lady from the docks. She snapped her fingers and all the powers dissipated from my body in an instant.

Falling to my knees I shook then fell forward onto my hands and let my head drop. Dirt crunched under the witch’s footsteps as she approached. I tried to look up but with little energy I found it hard.

Still I happened to see the witch hand Pearl an envelope. Pearl stuffed it into her top then turned to leave. Traitor or not, she was my friend, I reached and cried out to her, “Pearl, don’t.”

She stopped and twisted her head slightly back at me. For an moment her eyes softened but then hardened as she moved towards the door. I watched her walk away unaware of the tiny clicks that sounded as they place an iron collar around my neck.

Pearl left through the door along with two reptilian escorts. I so wanted to run after her but my legs refused to budge. With a feeble attempt to move I fell forward and crash landed face first.

A small tug made me turn to look up at the witch. She held a small chain in her hands with a wicked smile upon her lips. Clearing her throat she said, “Nay mind the traitorous ilk, mermaid.”

If I didn’t feel drained before then the feeling of dread continued to pull from my reserves. I laid there watching the final words escape the witch’s lips. The ones that no mermaid wants to hear… “From hence forth you belong to me.”

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Moon Marked: Rampage Part 4

Chapter Seventeen ★ Rampage

。☆✼★Luna ━★✼☆。

“Dalphine.” Pearl said then looked away. Her shoulders shook as silent sobs racked her body. I kept quiet. No point in rubbing salt in the wounds.

Traitor or not, Pearl had a reason to hate me. Dalphine, her beloved, was executed for treason only because yours truly caught her. Back then I thought it was a casual meeting between her and some mermen.

Now that I think about it those men weren’t mermen but merlocks. A flash shot through me when I realized who was the true mole in our organization. It wasn’t Pearl. No, she was only carrying out Dalphine’s plans.

Plans that were now coming to light. I ground my teeth and slammed my fist onto the dirt floor. How could I be so stupid? If only I had paid attention then I would have noticed that my partner was indeed committing acts against our kind.

I shot her a venomous look and growled, “Dalphine, was a traitor. Why are you carrying out her plans?”

Pearl choked out her reply between sobs, “Your tiny brain wouldn’t understand.”

“Try me.” I countered and reached within for that golden warmth that would imbue my body with incredible merpowers.

Cold darkness twined around my insides and I let out a gasp. No, this can’t be. I tried again but the dark grew as the cold cut through me like a sharp deadly knife.

Pearl turned towards me. Her mouth quirked up at one end and bitter callous gaze bored right through me. She said in a hollow tone, “Don’t bother. I took the liberty of removing your powers along with the curse.”

“Why?” I said and tried to ball up as the piecing sensation increased. The creatures that piled on top of me made it worse. Again, I cried out in pain.

Her heartless eyes looked down at me as she replied, “Why, Luna, I thought you knew.”

Another flash of pain rolled throughout my being. I cried out trying to breathe through the agony. Clenching my teeth, and with labored breath, I asked, “Knew what?”

She placed a foot on my shoulder and ground her spike heel into it. White hot searing pain throbbed and I almost blacked out. Still, I asked, again, “What?”

A small chuckle escaped her lips, “That to break a curse you have to…”

“Ngggnnnnhhh.” I grabbed fistfuls of dirt to distract myself from the constant torment. “You have to what?”

Pearl bent down close to my ear and whispered, “Sacrifice.”

‧͙⁺˚*·༓ – TO BE CONTINUED… –☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

Moon Marked: Rampage Part 3

Chapter Seventeen ★ Rampage

。☆✼★Luna ━★✼☆。

It was my turn for my jaw to hit the floor. Well it didn’t need to go too far since I was already pinned to the ground. I stared right back up at Pearl, speechless.

She continued, “Your father always placed you first. Didn’t matter if any of his other loyal soldier were more qualified for the job.”

“What are you talking about?” I stammered. I have no clue as to what she was implying but I figure she might let me in on that little secret of hers.

Pearl’s upper lip peeled away revealing her white canines that all mermaids usually have but hers were unusually long. She replied, “You took my beloved’s spot. It was her right, not yours, to that position.”

Wait, what? My brows rose and knitted together. Pearl continued as she got up from her seat, “You never knew, did you? Ha. Of course you wouldn’t because you’re so into yourself and never acknowledge others around you.”

“Hey!” I said then added, “I’m not that self-centered.”

She tossed her hair and walked around me. “Pfft, like you’d truly know. Your so selfish that you never even noticed my secret meetings with the merlocks and witches. If you were even qualified for your job then you would have noticed.”

Whoa. Talk about slamming me hard for things that I didn’t know about. Yeah, I’m a wee bit selfish but I didn’t expect it was that bad. I turned my head her way and asked, “Who was it that I stole the job from?”

‧͙⁺˚*·༓ – TO BE CONTINUED… –☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙