Chapter Twelve ★ Ditch

。☆✼★Daniel ━★✼☆。

We’re being followed? Who in the world could be following us? Jacob increased his pace and started jogging to catch up to Penny. I searched around us and held my arms as a shiver went up my spine.

Could it be that man from last night? Or could Penny be messing with us again? After all she is Aaron’s twin sister. Still this feeling that doesn’t want to shake off of me clings to my very core. I willed my feet to move faster.

As I got behind Penny I whispered, “Who’s following us? Do you know?”

“No clue.” She replied and kept her eyes forward. She let out a huff and said, “We got to run. This punk won’t let up.”

“We already running.” I said between breaths.

Penny tossed a glance my way then replied, “This isn’t running. Quit your whining. We got to hustle if we don’t want to get caught.”

Jacob also threw me a Don’t be such a baby look just before he matched Penny’s speed. The two left me in the dust. The more I fought to pick up the pace the more it felt like I was running in a tub of molasses.

The eerie feeling grew as my friend got further away from me. I reached out and tried to call his name but nothing came. What the?

My hand went to my throat as I tried again to call his name but still not a single sound escaped my lips. Then my knee gave out and tumbled my body to the ground. It rolled and tossed across the ground and came to a hard stop against a hard metal blue surface.

Why haven’t they stopped or noticed that I’m not with them? What’s going on?

I laid there on the ground breathing hard. The steady thud welled up in my head as my ears rung. The world was a bit blurry but nothing had faded to black, yet.

As I turned my head the world spun with it. I grabbed my face and groaned. That’s when the tall dark figure emerged from the shadows. 

He was taller than most people. My eyes continued to trail up his height as I fought back the urge to vomit because of the constant spinning. The man dressed in a vertical red and white striped suit with a matching top hat walked forward with a cane in one hand and his finger on his long wax styled mustache.

Bending over his auburn bushy like curly hair stayed in place as he flashed a grin at me then said, “We’ve been waiting for you.”

The feeling struck deep in my gut as I searched for my friends. They were gone. I tried to get up but fell back down for the world refused to let me free of its spinning spell. I’m in deep trouble if I can’t get away and fast.

Two more figures came from the shadows and shredded away my last remaining hopes of escaping. They snickered as they got closer and I did what I could at that moment.

I screamed like a little girl.

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