Chapter Twelve ★ Ditch

。☆✼★Daniel ━★✼☆。

Both Jacob and I stayed silent. It wasn’t wise to speak up when a girl was crying for you know we might say the wrong thing. We watched as her shoulders shook and silent sobs escaped her trembling lips.

Tears continued to stream down her face when Jacob nudged me and signed, “Dude, do something.”

I rolled my eyes and got up from the ground and went over to where Penny stood. Wrapping my arm around her shoulders I gave her a good squeeze but still said nothing. She leaned into me and rested her head on my shoulder.

Jacob grinned and gave me the thumbs up as I returned a dirty look his way. He laughed as Penny kept crying on my shoulder. I mumbled, “We got to go, Penny.”

She sniffed, lifted her head and wiped the tears away from her face. She nodded then said, “You’re right. Let’s go.”

We all headed down the dirt trail with Penny leading us. She would stop every five minutes and have us hunch down as we listened for anyone who might be following us. Only the birds and squirrels in the trees cared to make a noise.

The path exited onto the broken cement sidewalk that led to my neighborhood. Huh, I never knew about this pathway even after living here for a while. I stood there scratching my head when Jacob gave me a push and smiled as he passed me to catch up with Penny.

She never stopped but kept on going in the direction of the amusement park. Yikes, she’s fast. Good thing Jacob was here to keep my head in the game. Was he trying to set me and Penny up or something?

He must of seen the puzzled look on my face and waved me over. I jogged to catch up and he signed, “Do you like her?”

Since I didn’t want Penny to listen in on part of the conversation I signed back, “No. What gives?”

Jacob threw me a quizzical look and signed, “Huh? I thought you wanted to go out with her.”

“Jake… She’s Aaron’s sister. If I were to go out with her then I would be dead meat to him. It’s bad enough that he already bullies me on a daily basis. Let’s not add dating his sister as another reason why he should bully me.”

He frowned then signed, “Didn’t she ask you out? Like to the amusement park, yesterday?”

“Yeah.” I signed back. “She did. It was totally out of character for her. Something doesn’t feel right. Don’t you feel it, man?”

Penny kept on walking like she didn’t notice that Jacob and I were completely silent. It was almost like the allure of the amusement park was calling her name and we were along for the ride. That chill from earlier continued to coil at the base of my spine.

Jacob watched Penny and then looked back at me. He then asked, “What happened to your glasses?”

“Getting them fixed.” I replied. “Why?”

His mouth downturned as he signed, “I thought you couldn’t see without them?”

Oh. That’s right. Before my wolfiness I would be lost without my glasses. Ulp. Got to tell him something. I signed back, “I’m wearing contacts.”

“Seriously?” His eyes narrowed. “When did your dad change his mind on that?”

“Ummm,” I licked my lips and looked up at the sky, “Jamie was able to convince him for situations like now.”

He stared hard at me. The intensity of his glare bore deep into my being as I felt the heat reach my ears. Please Jacob let it go.

Jacob gave me the thumbs up then signed, “Cool. ‘bout time your dad got with the program.”

I chuckled and rubbed the back of my head, “Yeah.”

We turned down another street and kept up with Penny who was walking faster. At this rate she might start booking it to the park if we don’t say something now. So I cleared my throat and asked, “Penny, is there a reason why you’re going mach 1 to get to the park?”

She looked over her shoulder and replied, “We’re being followed. C’mon dweeb keep up.”

‧͙⁺˚*·༓ – TO BE CONTINUED… –☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙