Chapter One ★ Bitten :: Cont’

。☆✼★━ Luna ━★✼☆。


I couldn’t even finish my sentence when Pearl literally yanked me inside the doorway and then shut the door fast.

“What about the kid–” I tried to say before Pearl slapped her palm over my mouth.

“Shhhh.” She hissed.

My eyebrows knitted upwards. She continued to look over her shoulders at the closed door still keeping my mouth closed with her hand. Gravel crunched under the heavy footsteps that walked in our tiny unkempt garden. The dark presence that we felt coming our way became palatable with the distinct ick of rotten eggs. That poor kid.

What in tarnation could be out there? Is this what we were supposed to find on our mission? Is this the evil that lurked about in Tybee Island?

Darn it all. I need to take a look at what this thing might be… the taste of salt danced along my buds as my tongue glided against Pearl’s soft hands. She pulled away with a frown and shook her hand before rubbing it on her khaki capris pants. In return I smiled at her and she held her hand in a fist as a playful warning.

Crawling on my belly I made it back to the doorway side windows and peered beyond the curtains that hung on the side windows. The figure was intentionally keeping his details blurred for I could not make out who or what it was. My heart stopped when it bent down to where the boy lay prone on the ground.

“For Ursula’s sake…” I hissed. “It’s going after the boy.”

I shot a look back at Pearl. She shook her head no. Her eyes were wide in the dark illuminated by the little light that streamed in from the top window above the door.

Darn it. We are supposed to look after mankind. Even though the kid bit me I felt obligated to keep him from harm. I leapt up to my feet and turned the knob. It slipped because of my blood soaked towel. Yet I was determined to save the kid. So I grabbed the knob harder in and turned it feeling the latch slid loose from the its nestled cave in the doorjamb.

It didn’t matter that I was choosing to put my life in danger. It really was about that kid. Sure, yeah he bit me. Bit me real good. But heck, he deserves a second chance. Everybody did.

I threw the door open wide and Pearl yelped, “Don’t!”

Too late now for the door slammed against the wall with a loud bang and bounced back a little. My foot stopped it from smacking me in the side. The pain in my hand throbbed. I was ready to face whatever it was that chose to feast on the little perv outside…

Hunched over the boy was a dark figure. No way it could have been human. I could feel Pearl standing by my side which gave me the courage to shout, “Hey buddy!”

I took one step forward. Blood boiled under my skin as it hardened and readied itself for battle. Tiny spikes emerged on my arms and the ends of my elbows. I continued to the end of the porch, “Leave the kid alone. You want him? Well, you gotta go through me first before you can even touch him.”

The dark figure whipped around with yellow eyes that glowed in the dark. It bared its many elongated teeth right back me. It’s muzzle was long like that of an alligator. Behind me the faint whisper of Pearl unsheathing her blade sent a wave of reassurance through me. The beast reached towards the boy on the ground.

“Ya deaf?” I shouted at the creature. “The kid’s off limits.”

“Merlock?” It asked in a low growl and cocked its head to one side. Its one shadowed paw held over the boy.

I spat to one side. “No. Not even close.”

Pearl stepped up beside me and pointed her blade at the creature, “Leave. You are not welcomed here.”

It hovered and tapped its chin. Then glanced down at the boy, “But such meat will go to waste. Such waste. Such tasty tasty waste.”

The wind buzzed in my ear as Pearl’s knife embedded itself in the wood fence behind the creature. It stood with wide eyes then clapped its hands against its own cheek. It screamed, “Aieeeee. Mercy young ones. Mercy… mercy.”

“Begone foul demon.” Pearl jutted her chin out. “And tell the witches that we know they’re here.”

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ – TO BE CONTINUED… –☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙