Chapter One ★ Bitten

。☆✼★━ Luna ━★✼☆。


“We got a code moon.” Pearl said into the phone. “I repeat code moon.”

“Dag nabbit Pearl!” I growled at her. “It ain’t no code moon. Quit yer gabbin an git me a towel.”

Pearl leaned against the doorway and glanced down at me. The phone still close to her ear. I held my hand close to my chest. The blood dripping from the wound blossomed on my white tank top. She arched an eyebrow, “You sure about that, Luna?”

The kid laying on the ground not too far from me was out cold. No way could he be a werewolf. T’aint no such thing in these part of the states. Or so our reports said so the last time that I checked. I grimaced, “Yeah, I’m sure.”

Pearl leaned forward and spoke into the phone, “Cancel that. Must of been a trick of the light.” She folded the clam shell phone and placed it back into its holster on her belt.

Her heavy boot footsteps faded as she went into the kitchen of the small house. Hinges squeaked as the freezer door opened and closed. Few more doors to cupboards opened and slammed shut.

Man this bite hurts. This was supposed to be a scouting mission only. For lands’ sake I didn’t expect to be bitten by some perverted tween.

Cold traveled down my spine and I fell forward. Pearl giggled at my misfortune. I shot her a dirty look and regained my composure and sat on the ground indian style. She certainly has become more quiet since our first mission. That’s who Pearl is… a gal that takes it upon herself to improve where she’s lacking.

As for me? Ah shucks. I prefer to get the mission over and done with so I can go goof off. But no, that’ don’ happen with me. Nope. I happen to be the lucky daughter of a chief supreme. So, no slacking for this missy here.

Pearl tossed a bag of frozen peas at me and a kitchen towel. I snatched them out of the air with my good hand. Using the towel I wrapped it around the wound and placed the bag on top. Yeah sure, I know you’e supposed to wash your wound but I just want the bleeding to stop right now. Besides, I’m not human anyways.

Nope. I’m a mermaid believe it or not. One hundred percent mermaid with a killer tan, blue eyes and sandy white hair too.

And here’s the real kicker… my kind is stationed throughout the entire world to make sure mankind doesn’t royally baked themselves into a heaping load of horse dung.

Yes, when we get in water our tails do take shape. It’s who we are and all. My tail is a light lavender… rather pretty.

What’s with the southern drawl? Well, I happen ta pick up local cadences and dialects. It’s a quirk of mine. Sometimes it helps me to blend in and other times it can single me out.

I glanced back up at Pearl who was sitting on the top steps to the porch. The moonlight glinted off her dark blue hair. She took a long pull from a local brew in her hand then nodded her head my way, “How’s the hand?”

“It twinges.” I lied because it stung like heck.

She narrowed her eyes, “Liar.”

“Fine.” I grumbled, “It hurts like a mother.”

“Do you want to go back to headquarters and have doc take a look?”

My eyes widened, I pressed my lips firmly together and shook my head.

Pearl laughed and held her hands up in surrender, “Okay. No seeing doc. Got it.”

The crickets of the evening were chirping. Fireflies were flitting here and there in the air. Taking another peek at the kid passed out on the ground I took note of his breathing. I guess it was normal.

Not sure. I’m not an expert on humans or anything. All I know is pervs about his age are all about snapping pics of naked ladies in the middle of the night.

“Do you think we should call his parents?” Pearl asked then took another swig of her drink.

“Naw, let him sleep it off.” I answered and got up to sit down next to her.

She took another drink and smacked her lips. “This is some good stuff.”

“And where’s mine?” I drawled.

The corner to her lips pulled upwards, “I drank it, already.”

“You brat!” I slapped her with my bad hand, “Ow! That hurts.”

“Ick. You got blood on me.” She laughed.

I whimpered and gave her puppy dog eyes.

She rolled her eyes, “Serves you right for hitting me.” She then produced another bottle that she had hidden away. She shoved the cool bottle into my injured hand and twisted the cap off it. “This’ll help.”

“Thanks.” I said as we clinked our bottles together and leaned back against the porch with smiles on our faces. Nothing like a cold brewsky to mellow out injuries. With fireflies… wait–where’d they go? And the crickets? They’re not saying a peep.

What in Triton’s name is going on?? Everything was being still. Like it was holding their breath waiting for whatever evil was lurking to pass us by.

The growing miasma of fear continued to ebb its way into my self control. I whispered, “Pearl–“

She held out her hand, “Shhhh. I feel it too. Let’s get back inside.”

“What about the kid?” I tossed my chin his way. “We can’t leave him there…”

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ – TO BE CONTINUED… –☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙