Ursa’s Dating Disasters: Rise of the Vampire Brethren

There were quite a few setbacks with this story and I am still working through them. However, I do hope to get this story out by July 2018. We’ll see how that goes…

In the meantime here is what book 2 is about and feel free to join the FB Group Mystical Mishaps Series to discuss what you think will happen in book or what you wish will happen:

There are whispers about another secret society assembling. The rumors that are circulating on the magic social net say this new society is a remnant of TRUE and they are against The Order of Magic. On top of that, there are suggestions that this group is out for revenge on the sisters themselves. Ursa vows to get to the bottom of these rumors.

Relationship issues are also coming to a head with her long time boyfriend Hogey reviving her fear of abandonment. Her friends push her into dating others, but this leads to her putting the investigation aside. Her lack of focus once again leads her family into jeopardy.

Ursa must overcome her fears of abandonment and find the strength within herself to escape from her captors in order to warn her sisters in time.

Will Ursa be able to overcome her fear? Or will she fail thus allowing the new secret society to reign supreme over The Order of Magic?