Top 5 Fantasy Summer Break Books Picks – June 2019

These are my top 5 picks for fantasy summer break books for June 2019

Because you gotta do something when the internet is out.


I haven’t read all of them but they do look interesting based on the blurbs and their covers. Give them a chance.

1) The Complete Ella Grey Series by Jane Faith

Books 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Ella Grey series

Who would have thought Death had a plot of its own?

Not to mention Death needing to use one girl in particular to carry out his plans.

It all weighs on Ella’s shoulders who must find a way around Death’s desires to use her for his morbid work if she wishes to save her long lost brother.

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2) Witch Summer Night’s Cream by H.Y. Hanna

3rd book in the urban fantasy series Bewitched by Chocolate Mysteries

A good wholesome clean read.

Who doesn’t love a little bit of mystery to go with their chocolate? Let’s add a little bit of murder and we have the makings of a wonderful evening unraveling all the clues with the main character, a young witch called Caitlyn.

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3) Unexpected Stories by Octavia E. Butler

Two never-before-published stories!

Aliens and telepathic beings greet you on these two tales involving valuable lessons and crucial life-changing choices.

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4) Heirs of Grace by Tim Pratt

Stand Alone Novel

Did you ever imagine inheriting an old house from some unknown relative? How about large sums of money to go with it?

What if the house contained monsters, cursed items and rooms that put you into mortal peril?

Still want the house?

What if you didn’t know that it contained those things?

Yep. Bekah didn’t and she’s bringing you along to witness her battle against her back stabbing family and a house that will pull out all the stops to end her life. Will Bekah survive?

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5) To Catch a Stolen Soul: A Humorous Urban Fantasy Novel by R.L. Naquin

Book 1 of the Djinn Haven Series

Food trucks are awesome. Seriously they are.

Why? Because one, when you’re doing a stake-out you have food and two, nobody would even think twice about you being undercover. Especially the supernatural.

Now if only Kam can make sure the soul stone thief (who is parading around as Death) doesn’t suspect her of any shenanigans then she’ll be able to capture him with ease.

But nothing is ever easy. There’s always a catch and Kam has to snag this guy before he kills another innocent or targets her instead.

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Tune in next month, July 2019, for the top 5 fantasy book picks that will involve stories about independence and justice. These stories will be good to read while at your family’s picnic reunion.

Top 5 Fantasy Mermaids, Pirates & Sea Creatures Books Picks – May 2019

These are my top 5 picks for fantasy books about mermaids, pirates and deep sea creatures for May 2019

Set sail for these fantastic adventures.


I haven’t read all of them but they do look interesting based on the blurbs and their covers. Give them a chance.

1) The Pirate Princess by K.R. Martin

Book 1 of the Sovereigns of the Seas series

This is not your average damsel in distress story. No. This tale wraps you up in tangled nets of mysteries and casts you off on an adventure non like any others involving mistaken identities and swash buckling pirates.

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2) Water and Blood by B. Kristin McMichael

1st book of The Merworld Trilogy

Vampire mermaids? Maybe. For I cannot tell you for I haven’t read this story yet but that is the impression that I get from the blurb.

It is an interesting idea… mermaids + vampires… what could possibly go wrong?

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3) Mermaid Academy by Cameron Drake, Illustrated by LJ Anderson and Edited by Valorie Clifton

Stand Alone Novel (but Cameron Drake did write other mermaid stories too)

Hunger Games anyone?

No, not really Hunger Games but the blurb sings of high packed action within this coming of age fantasy plus a little bit of romance dabbled into the plot.

If you love savvy ladies then I would suggest that you give this story a try for it promises to be a real page turner!

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4) The Mermaids Lament by Alexes Razevich

Book 1 of the Shay Greene Series

Ohhh a heist! Feel like shadowing a retrieve and rescue professional? Do you want to stay up until the wee hours of the morning so that you can finish riding the thrill of a awe inspiring escapade?

Yeah, you seem like the type that would love this story.

Heck, who wouldn’t love a story about a gal that has to steal back a necklace from the supernatural and not get killed while doing it.

Dive in and Get it now

5) Free Dive by Emma Shelford

Book 1 of the Nautilus Legends Series

Fast-paced adventure on the deep blue sea, you say? Hidden powers, you seek? Secret identities, you crave?

Then this story has it!!

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Tune in next month, June 2019, for the top 5 fantasy book picks that will be about summer break. These stories should be a great read while you sip on your lemonade or ice tea by the pool or on the beach.

Top 5 Urban Fantasy Mystery Books Picks – April 2019

These are my top 5 picks for mystery fantasy books for April 2019

Each of them are perfect to read on a rainy day.

I haven’t read all of them but they do look interesting based on the blurbs and their covers. Give them a chance.

1) Death Rites by E.A. Copen

Book 1 of the Lazarus Codex series

I’ve always been curious about this series and had been putting it off because it reminded me of the Dresden Files. Nonetheless, it still called to me which is why it’s listed first.

What’s it about? Well, the story revolves around an ex-convict who happens to be a necromancer. Unlike Harry Dresden who eventually tangles himself up with the law… the law for Lazarus Kerrigan is already breathing down his neck for a murder he didn’t commit.

Intrigued? You can’t resist this book forever.

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2) Bramble and Blood by Ashley Beasley

1st book in the urban fantasy series Eve Williams

Has your book pile been feeling lonely lately? Or are you looking for another great story?

Then check out Bramble and Blood by Ashley Beasley from the urban fantasy series Eve Williams.

It’s about Eve Williams who happens to be a necromancer but gets cast aside by the magic community when she made a crucial mistake thus destroying her reputation.

Though that doesn’t get her down. No, instead she fights to make a living until she gets a job to find a missing woman which uncovers a larger scheme of mishaps involving murder.

Will Eve be able to stop these string of murders or will she be pushed beyond her breaking point as she faces off with betrayals, trolls and broken alliances?

If you like Patricia Briggs or Faith Hunter then you’ll love Bramble and Blood

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3) Burned to a Crisp: Gingerbread Hag Mystery by K. A. Miltimore

Book 1 of the Gingerbread Hag Mystery Series

This title caught my eye. I haven’t read it yet but it is on my TBR list.

It appears to be a spin off of the Hansel & Gretal story which was one of my favorites when I was a child.

If you love Hansel & Gretal then this story should not be skipped at all. It certainly appears to have a twist on the old-time childhood story filled with mystery, murder and of course baked goods!

So grab your cookies, cakes and pie and read this seemingly awesome spin to Hansel & Gretal.

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4) GhostRealm by Vera Sparks

Book 2 of the Portland Ivy Series

I know it’s absurd to recommend the second book of a series but to be honest this one was interesting.

So, in this book Ivy is working with her werewolf friends to track down a killer. On top of that she is learning more about her powers and what she truly is… for she isn’t dead, alive or even a vampire… she’s completely different.

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Oh, while you’re at it you can snag a copy of GhostBound, book 1 of the Portland Ivy Series

5) Beneath the Sleepless Stars by Charisse Nicolle

Stand Alone Novel

Love, Mysteries and Revenge

Another book to be read. I have not read it but the blurb is promising

Sapphira is like everybody else. A girl trying to make ends meet and to forge her own path. She doesn’t want to take up the family business because she wants to be a designer.

It is at night when she is haunted by dreams with clues and messages that are puzzling. As she digs more into these dreams she discovers her heritage and an ancient feud. Worse, yet, Sapphira finds herself being pursued by an centuries-old foe.

To survive, Sapphira must fight to chase her dreams but, will she be strong enough?

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Tune in next month, May 2019, for the top 5 fantasy book picks that will involve pirates, mermaids and other creatures of the sea. These stories will be good to read while you lounge on the beach or relax in your backyard hammock

Top 5 Magic & Luck Fantasy Books Picks – March 2019

These are my top 5 picks for luck & magic fantasy books for March 2019

I haven’t read all of them but they do look interesting based on the blurbs and their covers. Give them a chance.

1) Cursed Girl by Maria Vermisoglou

Stand alone novel

The story is about a young girl who’s life was average until suddenly everything is up against her. Will she be able to survive the dark forces surrounding her?

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2) Fae of Fortune by John P. Logsdon

1st book in the series A Savannah Sage Supernatural Thriller

Okay, this is pretty cool. A story about a half fae, half mage and all trouble? I’m totally in for this one.

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3) Got Luck by Michael Darling

Book 1 of the Tales of the Behindbeyond Series

Another story about luck and magic. In my opinion it’s a fun combination. The cover was the first thing that caught my attention. The blurb was kind of interesting. This is another title that I’ve put on my TBR list and you should too.

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4) The Bad Luck Witch by Heather Hamilton

Book 1 of The Bad Luck Witch Chronicles

A fun story about a witch with the worst luck in the world. Follow Mason as she uncovers mysteries, deals with supernatural creatures and snarky witches while at the same time trying to save the world from a bad luck curse that could destroy everything.

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5) The Luck Series by Jaclyn West

All six books in this one novel.

We follow Megan around as she gets thrown into the supernatural world because of a visit from a Leprechaun. 

Don’t let the price scare you away because you’re getting ALL SIX books in this one kindle download.

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Tune in next month, April 2019, for the top 5 fantasy book picks that will involve mysteries. What better story to read on a rainy day?

Moon Marked – MerWere Saga Book 1

Moon Marked – MerWere Saga Book 1

It begins… FINALLY.

Yes, I know I’ve been promoting the crap out of this saga and you’ve been patiently waiting for me to get my crap in order but I needed some time to get the pieces in place and to work out some of the kinks.

Some of those kinks were character names. I couldn’t stand Dustin’s name, the werewolf, and it kept on switching  between Dillon, Darren and other ridiculous names. Finally, I settled on Daniel which I think suits him rather well.

The other leading character, the mermaid, Shimmer had a name change as well. Her new name is Luna but don’t worry for she still has Shimmer as her last name.

Over this weekend I will be posting the chapters that SHOULD HAVE been posted in January 2019 ALL the way up to TODAY’s post.

TONIGHT, that’s 2/8/2019, I will post Chapter 1 for Moon Marked – MerWere Saga Book 1

Then keep checking back over this weekend (Feb 8-10 2019) for the other five chapters to be released.

We’re calling this weekend Catch-Up MerWere Saga Weekend.

Are you excited that you’ll finally get to start reading this weekly blog story?