We Must Have Pie

“We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.”
― David Mamet, Boston Marriage


This quote is funny.

It’s true that you cannot have stress in the presence of pie or any other dessert.


Because it lightens the mood and brings a smile to the face (unless you’re on a diet… =_=”)

However, let’s talk about stress for a minute here…

What is it that stresses you out?

School? Work? Bills? Family? Friends? Deadlines? Homework? Arguments?

Wow. That’s a lot of things that could and can cause stress. Yet, did you know there’s good stress too?

Yeah. There is…

Good stress is like the first day of a new job, getting a promotion or heck, even getting married.

Stress isn’t bad all the time… it’s only gotten a bad rap over the years because people focus so much on the negative end of it.

You might hear people freaking out over the crazy things that are stressing them out or maybe just maybe you’re flipping out because you’re going to be [ insert your reason here ]

Stressful situations can and will grind on your nerves but it depends on how you handle it.

You can change negative stress into positive stress.

I see you scratching your head.

Let me explain.

Pretend that you’ve been studying for hours getting ready for an exam like the SATS. Your sibling or relative decides to become noisy by blaring the surround sound of the entertainment center or playing their music really loud.

In sheer frustration you snap your pencil because it broke your concentration. Your teeth are on edge and you’re frothing at the mouth because you have only these precious moments left to study. The test is tomorrow and you feel like you need to study until the wee hours of the morning.

Our most normal reaction to such an intrusion is to get up and stomp down the stair or into the next room to yell our silly heads off at the culprit of noise making.

Though, to be honest, this won’t make things get better. It will make things get worse.

Why? Because with the angry shouts you will be transferring the negative energy to your relative who in turn shoves it right back at you. Thus ensuing an argument.

In the end no one is happy, you end up not being able to study nor get a good nights rest. The next day you end up getting a lower score because of the negative emotion and sleepless night.

So, how would one handle the situation in a more positive light? Instead of yelling at your relative to turn off that racket?

Well, here’s how to handle it in a positive manner

Upon hearing the noise your first instinct was to stomp down to yell at whomever was playing such bedlam.

Though, instead you pause.

You close your eyes and take a deep breath.

When you release it your feel the built up tension melt away as you open your eyes to glance at the time.

Pushing your chair back you get up, stretch then close your books.

At this hour in the evening you realize that a bit of time away will help your brain process the stuff better if you had a break.

Besides, you’ve been at it for days.

In a calm manner you go find out what all the hubbub is in the living room and join the fun.

Positive vibes are shared among the family members and you end up getting an excellent good night’s rest.

The next day you pass the test with super high scores. Go you!

That was a total dramatization of a stressful event.

Though I believe you get my point.

Be more positive

If you handle situations in a calm manner then you can get a better positive turn out.

However, to be fair… any situation can be nullified if…

you have pie.

Love for All

“Love For All; Hatred for None”
― Mirza Nasir Ahmad


With the world getting more connected…

… we are exposed to more hate online.

Wish there was a way to stop it all?

They say love is a powerful force that can be used to obliterate the darkness that lurks within. That it can literally stop evil in its tracks and make it tuck tail and run.

But is it true?

Mahatma Gandhi believed so.

A lot of his principles we all can take a lesson from and utilize in our everyday life.

Hate the sin. Love the sinner.

Love is remembered where as hate becomes a burden.

To lose patience is to lose the battle.

There are many more quotes by Gandhi that can be found at wisdom quotes: http://wisdomquotes.com/gandhi-quotes/

However, our main quote today talks about love for all and hatred for none. In essence it’s about letting go your hatred for others no matter how wrong they’ve been to you. But to forgive and in turn give them love.

For love is the ultimate weapon against hate. There is no barrier that love cannot break through.

Why do you think Disney uses the power of love in so many of it’s tales? A true love’s kiss or a mother’s love.

Love is a powerful force.

If we want a hate free world then we need to be more caring, loving and understanding towards one another. Be willing to forgive even if the person has done you wrong.

We haven’t walked their path so we do not know what is really going on in their lives.

It’s easy to judge. But to take that moment to understand is the challenge.

If we take that one opportunity to listen to someone else’s problems then we’ve begun that bridge to understanding.

Offer that shoulder to cry on or just be a sounding board then people might start to heal.

Humans are social creatures. We need to feel validated by our peers. Need to know that they care. We need to feel loved.

So, I ask of you…

…next time you feel the need to spread hate…


Instead, take a minute…

…breathe in deep…exhale…

…then let the hatred or anger go.

Feel the warmth rise within your chest filling the void that hatred had once lived.

That my friend… is love.

Hatred stands no chance for love conquers all.

Words Have Power

“How can something as fragile as a word build the whole world?”

― Franny Billingsley, Chime


Have you ever read something that brought a tear to your eyes?

Or perhaps it made you burst out loud with fits of laughter?

It is undeniable…

Words have power.

But it is up to you to decide if they can control you.

February was a month of love.

Love is a word known and sought after by so many but tends to be at times a fickle thing.

We remember those words from our first heart crushing moment…

…You knew it was coming… you could tell something was off but you didn’t want to acknowledge the truth.

Instead you wanted to live in that fantastical point in time a little longer.

This is why your heart stops the moment those words leave their lips.

When our so-called boyfriend or girlfriend utters, “I’m breaking up with you.”

Life at that time stops.

Your world crashes down around you as you stand paralyzed unable to move.

Then like someone had clicked play your emotions flood upwards hurling themselves outwards towards the area around you.

You cry and you may even throw things but you know what else you’re experiencing?

The influence of communication. Or as we know… the power of words.

Why do people take things written online personally?

Simple. The written word has more sway with us emotionally because it has been scribe online publicly for all to see.

We are vain creatures and do no wish to seem imperfect to our fellow sisters and brothers.

But here’s the thing…

Nobody is perfect.

Can you break the odd spell that words seems to have enchanted with?

Yes and no.

At times letting words guide our emotions can help heal an old wound and other times it can be the final thread that snaps under pressure due to the ill-used word.

Everyone has said something we immediately regret saying once it has been spoken. There is no taking it back.

Though, how can you prevent doing so in the future?

Stop. Before you speak, count to ten, think of the answer you would like to say and consider the words carefully for they do carry weight. If you are angry it is best to excuse yourself to recompose yourself before you deliver your answer.

This method goes the same for writing responses to online jibs, questions or even comments.

The world will be a better place if everyone took the time to think about their response before they actually delivered it.

Remember, words have great power. It is up to you to determine if they control you or you control them.

I Am In Love

“I Am In Love With Myself, With My Heart.”
― Nirav Sanchaniya


What does it mean to say that you love yourself? Is it superficial? Or does it have or supposed to have a deeper meaning and understanding of oneself.

As we continue the trend of self-love and self appreciation I am reminded that we should always take time to let ourselves know that we’re special. Unique in our own way and no one else is the same as you.

Is it vain to say we should love ourselves? Almost to the brink of too much?

No. Not with as much devastation in our world today and the amount of depression that builds up in everyone. We need to be our own heroes and cheer ourselves on during those dark and dreary days when we are tested to our breaking point.

Love is what fuels that spark that we keep kindled within ourselves. That spark is what lights the way during those dark moments in our lives. It is our guide when we are given the choice to do what is right instead of what is wrong.

Our spark will create hope when there is despair. Our love will wrap us in a warm embrace when there is hate. Our light will guide the way.

Love can be painful.

It is what lets us know that we care. That we cherished those memories with a fellow friend, family or dear beloved pet. Love lets us know that we lived.

A world without love is a cold, callous and dark place. No warmth can be found. Everything is blue and frozen to the touch. It’s a world where nothing can thrive and slowly dies in a huddle on the ground trying to hold on to the last bits of warmth they slept forever on the cold damp ground.

I wouldn’t want to live in a world without love.

Hard to believe that there are people out there today that do not know what love is or has even experienced its warm embrace. These individuals grow up thinking that no one cares so why should they? That love is just a myth or a soggy hope given to some doe-eyed school girl looking for the one.

But there are… there are people who have never experienced love. Their hearts turn black and harden as the years go by while they watch the world burn in their eyes.

Should we fear them? No. Should we pity them? Yes. I do but I also hope that they will be touched by a gesture that will melt their frozen hearts. That with that kind gesture they will be able to experience the joys of love at least once in their life.

So, what does it mean to love oneself, their own heart even?

To be happy with the gifts that you are given. To be at peace with your uniqueness. To enjoy life everyday and to cherish the moments that you will be able to smile upon for years to come.

To be tickled by your silly laugh or the way you say that one word. That every time that you look in the mirror, say something, smell a certain fragrance, feel the texture of your skin, taste of your tears of joy that will make you smile… then you know… deep down… that with all your heart you love yourself.

Appreciate Yourself for Love

“I ignored your aura but it grabbed me by the hand, like the moon pulled the tide, and the tide pulled the sand.”

― Talib Kweli


Love. What a wonderful feeling. It’s what binds things together.

It is also a powerful force. It can tear things a part.

This week’s quote is a nod towards Valentine’s Day. Whether you have or do not have a relationship with a significant other I would like for you to take this moment to appreciate yourself.

How your self-image affects others

When you treat yourself well and carry that good self-image attitude it shines through to others… attracting them to you. It’s what some would call an aura.

A good aura will always pull good things to you and good things will happen.

Not to mention a good aura will help you find your significant other. People inherently seek out things that make them feel good.

So why not make yourself feel good and thereby unwittingly attract your true love or the one that was meant to be for you.

It is up to ourselves to make a difference on how we see our own image in the mirror.

You can choose to let others shape who you are OR you can choose to be the one who shapes your own image.

Those who have good self image have great self confidence in themselves.

How do you get great self confidence when you feel lower than a wee imp’s knee?

It’s actually rather simple. For I’ve done this myself.

How to increase your self-image

When you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning this is the most important time to give yourself a compliment.

Yes, I know this sounds VERY vain. But stay with me here…

Usually people are grumpy in the morning and they scowl or throw some mean names at themselves when they look in the mirror. Don’t do this…. please don’t do it.

Instead you should muster up all the courage that you have to smile then tell yourself that you like ______ (eyes/smile/teeth/hair/complexion/etc) or that you are wonderful/great/keen/awesome/etc. The key is to keep it positive.

Do this everyday in the morning and over time you will notice that your confidence in yourself has grown a lot.

With your higher self confidence you’ll also notice that you’re far more happy and you end up wanting to be around people or people want to hang out with you.

Keep doing the self confidence exercises and eventually you will find the one who was meant for you and only you.


The quote talks about an aura… that’s your self confidence or positive outlook. The pull is that attraction that people have towards people who are positive. They cannot resist being around people who are happy or have a great outlook on life.

So, I guess the key to finding love is loving yourself first and the rest will all fall into place.