Top 5 Fantasy Book Picks – January 2019

For this month’s pick we have a variety of demons, vampires, dragons and more. Check out these top 5 great sci-fi, urban fantasy and fantasy picks for January 2019.

1) No Rest For The Vengeful

Book 2 of the series Counterstriker’s Revenge by Ian Worrall

Join Melissa as she makes the decision to finish the mission that she started or to confront her greatest enemy.

2) The Modest Proposal Institute: A YA Dystopian Novel

First book in the series Modest Institute by Paul James

Can two school rivals put aside their differences to prove that humanity is worth saving?

3) Dragon Between Worlds

Prequel to the Divide Series by T.E. Bradford

Like all evil villians they’ve started out as young and innocent. Follow Cyril on his journey and discover what turned him towards the dark side.

4) Mortality Bites

First book in the series Mortality Bites by Ramy Vance

Meet Kat. She’s an ex-vampire. All she wanted was to resume her normal mundane human life. Little did she know that she was about to be pulled back into the supernatural drama she thought she left behind.

5) Hoodwinked

First book of The Demon Exchange series by Beth Hendrix

Poor Gwen Taylor. She never asked for what was happening to her. Now she has to learn to balance the good and evil that was warring within her mind or be doomed to become one of the creatures that she hunts.

Tune in next month, February 2019, for the top 5 fantasy book picks that will involve hot and steamy romance.