Welcome to this week’s author spotlight.

Today we get to spend time with Michaela Baker and it’s going to be oodles of fun. I’m sure Michaela is just as excited as we are for her to share some sweet tidbits with you and me.

Alrighty then… let’s get to it!

Thanks for agreeing to this interview. I’m glad that you’re here to chat for a spell. So, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

My name is Michaela and I enjoy writing along with painting with diamond dots and cross stitch. Basically I enjoy being crafty.

What kind of stories do you like to write? Is there a specific genre that YOU absolutely LOVE writing in? Any that you *ahem* dislike?

I love Historical Fantasy and regular Fantasy the most. I hate erotica for obvious reasons, haha!

What got you into writing? And can you tell me your big reason ‘WHY’ you’re doing it?

When I was younger I had an idea for a series and told my sister about. She wrote it before I did and my competitiveness lead me to compete with her in our writings then we would role-play (RP) then I ventured out on my own. I wrote, because I love reading and I want to share my words with whoever is willing to hear.

Your story, that you wrote for the anthology Glimpses of Time and Magic, what was the inspiration for it?

Well, I love ancient worlds the most and my current work in progress is centered in ancient Egypt. So I thought I would explore the ruins of Pompeii.

If you could change anything about your story, what would it be and why?

I would make my character a dragon hybrid from the beginning since I’m obsessed with dragons.

When writing stories every author has a process. Sometimes the story dictates the process. How about you? Do you approach your stories with the same tactics or do you let your muse run wild?

Well, I have good intentions. I plan out a story detail by detail, then when I get to the chapter, I through the plans out the window but my new idea is better.

Have you always written in historical fantasy? If so, what is the allure of this genre? If not, then what did you think of this genre now?

I just like the concept of mixing real life advents with the unnatural and impossible. It allows me to keep everything in order while at the same time exploring my creativity.

Writing stories, as we all know, takes time. Blood, sweat and tears go into the words that are placed upon the pages. Who would you consider to be your besties when it comes to your support team? Y’know when times get hard and you want to throw the computer across the room but they swoop in and stop you.

I would say my sister Kelli Buffin, I have others don’t get me wrong, but when i’m In a touch spot we talk through it and we help each other out.

Okay do you have any advice for the aspiring authors out there?

Be yourself and have fun. I forget who says it but there is a quote that says, “Write the book that you want to read.” Another words if you don’t enjoy your own story, then you’ll hate writing it.

Oh and one more thing… I promise. If you had a chance to go back and redo that one thing in your author career… what would it be and why?

I would be more productive. Write everyday and work harder at my end goal of being an author.

Thank you so much Michaela for joining us today. It was great to have you stop by and chat for a spell. I hope to have future talks with you again in the future.