“We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.”
― David Mamet, Boston Marriage


This quote is funny.

It’s true that you cannot have stress in the presence of pie or any other dessert.


Because it lightens the mood and brings a smile to the face (unless you’re on a diet… =_=”)

However, let’s talk about stress for a minute here…

What is it that stresses you out?

School? Work? Bills? Family? Friends? Deadlines? Homework? Arguments?

Wow. That’s a lot of things that could and can cause stress. Yet, did you know there’s good stress too?

Yeah. There is…

Good stress is like the first day of a new job, getting a promotion or heck, even getting married.

Stress isn’t bad all the time… it’s only gotten a bad rap over the years because people focus so much on the negative end of it.

You might hear people freaking out over the crazy things that are stressing them out or maybe just maybe you’re flipping out because you’re going to be [ insert your reason here ]

Stressful situations can and will grind on your nerves but it depends on how you handle it.

You can change negative stress into positive stress.

I see you scratching your head.

Let me explain.

Pretend that you’ve been studying for hours getting ready for an exam like the SATS. Your sibling or relative decides to become noisy by blaring the surround sound of the entertainment center or playing their music really loud.

In sheer frustration you snap your pencil because it broke your concentration. Your teeth are on edge and you’re frothing at the mouth because you have only these precious moments left to study. The test is tomorrow and you feel like you need to study until the wee hours of the morning.

Our most normal reaction to such an intrusion is to get up and stomp down the stair or into the next room to yell our silly heads off at the culprit of noise making.

Though, to be honest, this won’t make things get better. It will make things get worse.

Why? Because with the angry shouts you will be transferring the negative energy to your relative who in turn shoves it right back at you. Thus ensuing an argument.

In the end no one is happy, you end up not being able to study nor get a good nights rest. The next day you end up getting a lower score because of the negative emotion and sleepless night.

So, how would one handle the situation in a more positive light? Instead of yelling at your relative to turn off that racket?

Well, here’s how to handle it in a positive manner

Upon hearing the noise your first instinct was to stomp down to yell at whomever was playing such bedlam.

Though, instead you pause.

You close your eyes and take a deep breath.

When you release it your feel the built up tension melt away as you open your eyes to glance at the time.

Pushing your chair back you get up, stretch then close your books.

At this hour in the evening you realize that a bit of time away will help your brain process the stuff better if you had a break.

Besides, you’ve been at it for days.

In a calm manner you go find out what all the hubbub is in the living room and join the fun.

Positive vibes are shared among the family members and you end up getting an excellent good night’s rest.

The next day you pass the test with super high scores. Go you!

That was a total dramatization of a stressful event.

Though I believe you get my point.

Be more positive

If you handle situations in a calm manner then you can get a better positive turn out.

However, to be fair… any situation can be nullified if…

you have pie.