“Love For All; Hatred for None”
― Mirza Nasir Ahmad


With the world getting more connected…

… we are exposed to more hate online.

Wish there was a way to stop it all?

They say love is a powerful force that can be used to obliterate the darkness that lurks within. That it can literally stop evil in its tracks and make it tuck tail and run.

But is it true?

Mahatma Gandhi believed so.

A lot of his principles we all can take a lesson from and utilize in our everyday life.

Hate the sin. Love the sinner.

Love is remembered where as hate becomes a burden.

To lose patience is to lose the battle.

There are many more quotes by Gandhi that can be found at wisdom quotes: http://wisdomquotes.com/gandhi-quotes/

However, our main quote today talks about love for all and hatred for none. In essence it’s about letting go your hatred for others no matter how wrong they’ve been to you. But to forgive and in turn give them love.

For love is the ultimate weapon against hate. There is no barrier that love cannot break through.

Why do you think Disney uses the power of love in so many of it’s tales? A true love’s kiss or a mother’s love.

Love is a powerful force.

If we want a hate free world then we need to be more caring, loving and understanding towards one another. Be willing to forgive even if the person has done you wrong.

We haven’t walked their path so we do not know what is really going on in their lives.

It’s easy to judge. But to take that moment to understand is the challenge.

If we take that one opportunity to listen to someone else’s problems then we’ve begun that bridge to understanding.

Offer that shoulder to cry on or just be a sounding board then people might start to heal.

Humans are social creatures. We need to feel validated by our peers. Need to know that they care. We need to feel loved.

So, I ask of you…

…next time you feel the need to spread hate…


Instead, take a minute…

…breathe in deep…exhale…

…then let the hatred or anger go.

Feel the warmth rise within your chest filling the void that hatred had once lived.

That my friend… is love.

Hatred stands no chance for love conquers all.