“The key to a better life isn’t always a change of scenery. Sometimes it simply requires opening your eyes.”
― Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes



That’s what this quote brings to mind.

We’re all told to look at life in a different light or from another perspective.

If things seem glum then we’re encouraged to find the silver lining or the positive side of the bad situation.

Though, some people in life are unable to push past the fog of despair which is rather sad. For every eight happy souls there are two that have lost their way.

The question that comes to mind is should we take it upon ourselves to help guide these poor lost souls back to the path of light?

In essence yes. It is in our nature to help others and to try to save our fellow brothers and sisters from the path of dark. But what do we do when the person who has stray refuses to see or simply cannot see the light? We try anyways.

During the winter months the cases for depression go up but it’s not talked about enough. People with depression do not speak out or bring attention that they’re sad. Instead, they put up a facade of happiness to appease their friends so that they don’t bother them with their unhappiness.

These people feel like they need to withdraw from their friends, family and ultimately life. They feel isolated. The dark pulls them further and further away from the path and they go willingly for the dark whispers sinister things in their ear which they believe.

If you feel like you’re being dragged away into the darkness you can fight back.

Everyone has a glimmer of light within themselves.

No matter how much your ember has dwindled down it is still there… glowing… waiting…

Waiting… for… you… to… fight… back.

Do not let the dark pull you away from the light.

Stand fast and tighten your grip.

Close your eyes and remember.

Remember that one thing that makes you smile.

That no matter how much life gets to you that this one thing is your rock.

It can be kitten whiskers, itty bitty puppies, red roses with dew drops, butterfly kisses, clear blue skies… a newly knit sweater made by your MeeMaw. Whatever it may be think of it right now and hold onto that memory.

Let it fill your soul with the love and burning passion that you hold so dear to your heart.

Let it burn away the darkness that licks at your toes trying to hold onto you. Trying so desperately to keep you in the dark.

Feel your ember become alight with love and burn bright.

As you feel this… feel these emotions… you feel the sensation of hopelessness wash away and be replaced with the feeling of love and determination.

With this flame you find yourself back on the path of light. Back to having fun with your friends, family and life. Enjoying things again.

Darkness can be a powerful thing but you are far more stronger than it is for you have the power of light.

Remember, when things seem glum and grim… you, yourself, have the power to bring forth the light from within.

What things bring you out of your funk or make you happy when you’re sad?