“I Am In Love With Myself, With My Heart.”
― Nirav Sanchaniya


What does it mean to say that you love yourself? Is it superficial? Or does it have or supposed to have a deeper meaning and understanding of oneself.

As we continue the trend of self-love and self appreciation I am reminded that we should always take time to let ourselves know that we’re special. Unique in our own way and no one else is the same as you.

Is it vain to say we should love ourselves? Almost to the brink of too much?

No. Not with as much devastation in our world today and the amount of depression that builds up in everyone. We need to be our own heroes and cheer ourselves on during those dark and dreary days when we are tested to our breaking point.

Love is what fuels that spark that we keep kindled within ourselves. That spark is what lights the way during those dark moments in our lives. It is our guide when we are given the choice to do what is right instead of what is wrong.

Our spark will create hope when there is despair. Our love will wrap us in a warm embrace when there is hate. Our light will guide the way.

Love can be painful.

It is what lets us know that we care. That we cherished those memories with a fellow friend, family or dear beloved pet. Love lets us know that we lived.

A world without love is a cold, callous and dark place. No warmth can be found. Everything is blue and frozen to the touch. It’s a world where nothing can thrive and slowly dies in a huddle on the ground trying to hold on to the last bits of warmth they slept forever on the cold damp ground.

I wouldn’t want to live in a world without love.

Hard to believe that there are people out there today that do not know what love is or has even experienced its warm embrace. These individuals grow up thinking that no one cares so why should they? That love is just a myth or a soggy hope given to some doe-eyed school girl looking for the one.

But there are… there are people who have never experienced love. Their hearts turn black and harden as the years go by while they watch the world burn in their eyes.

Should we fear them? No. Should we pity them? Yes. I do but I also hope that they will be touched by a gesture that will melt their frozen hearts. That with that kind gesture they will be able to experience the joys of love at least once in their life.

So, what does it mean to love oneself, their own heart even?

To be happy with the gifts that you are given. To be at peace with your uniqueness. To enjoy life everyday and to cherish the moments that you will be able to smile upon for years to come.

To be tickled by your silly laugh or the way you say that one word. That every time that you look in the mirror, say something, smell a certain fragrance, feel the texture of your skin, taste of your tears of joy that will make you smile… then you know… deep down… that with all your heart you love yourself.