“I ignored your aura but it grabbed me by the hand, like the moon pulled the tide, and the tide pulled the sand.”

― Talib Kweli


Love. What a wonderful feeling. It’s what binds things together.

It is also a powerful force. It can tear things a part.

This week’s quote is a nod towards Valentine’s Day. Whether you have or do not have a relationship with a significant other I would like for you to take this moment to appreciate yourself.

How your self-image affects others

When you treat yourself well and carry that good self-image attitude it shines through to others… attracting them to you. It’s what some would call an aura.

A good aura will always pull good things to you and good things will happen.

Not to mention a good aura will help you find your significant other. People inherently seek out things that make them feel good.

So why not make yourself feel good and thereby unwittingly attract your true love or the one that was meant to be for you.

It is up to ourselves to make a difference on how we see our own image in the mirror.

You can choose to let others shape who you are OR you can choose to be the one who shapes your own image.

Those who have good self image have great self confidence in themselves.

How do you get great self confidence when you feel lower than a wee imp’s knee?

It’s actually rather simple. For I’ve done this myself.

How to increase your self-image

When you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning this is the most important time to give yourself a compliment.

Yes, I know this sounds VERY vain. But stay with me here…

Usually people are grumpy in the morning and they scowl or throw some mean names at themselves when they look in the mirror. Don’t do this…. please don’t do it.

Instead you should muster up all the courage that you have to smile then tell yourself that you like ______ (eyes/smile/teeth/hair/complexion/etc) or that you are wonderful/great/keen/awesome/etc. The key is to keep it positive.

Do this everyday in the morning and over time you will notice that your confidence in yourself has grown a lot.

With your higher self confidence you’ll also notice that you’re far more happy and you end up wanting to be around people or people want to hang out with you.

Keep doing the self confidence exercises and eventually you will find the one who was meant for you and only you.


The quote talks about an aura… that’s your self confidence or positive outlook. The pull is that attraction that people have towards people who are positive. They cannot resist being around people who are happy or have a great outlook on life.

So, I guess the key to finding love is loving yourself first and the rest will all fall into place.