“All great beginnings start in the dark, when the moon greets you to a new day at midnight.”

― Shannon L. Alder



In light of new beginnings for the start of the year most people have on their minds the clean slate. True we all want to start over with a clean slate and it feels good to wipe away the cobwebs of regret and failure but let’s step back and ask ourselves… why do we feel ashamed of failure?

Failure is what makes us unique. It’s the lessons we learn the hard way. If we had success at every turn then life becomes boring. Failure is that sweet spot of a challenge where we say “Nah-uh! I’m going to get this right.” Then we try, try and try again until we finally succeed.

So, how does failure even relate to new beginnings or even starting in the dark?

Simple really. Darkness is that feeling we get when we’ve failed. Don’t tell me that you’ve never felt that soul shattering instance of pure darkness when you’ve worked so hard at something only to fail at it.

It’s where we start back at square one. The darkness isn’t the end. Instead it is the beginning. The beginning of a new journey where you’re going to accomplish what you’ve set out for in the first place.

The moon? How does the light of the moon fit into this? How does it relate to failure or even regret? Easy.

The light from the moon shines down on the new pathway that you must take to attain your goals. It washes away the negative feelings that you’ve had and fills you with the confidences that you need for your journey.

What kind of feelings does this quote invoke?

In essence this quote should spark the drive for new beginning or to rekindle the spirit to accomplish your goals that you’ve set aside.

How is it inspirational?

It is inspiring because of the do-over nature. That nothing is lost as long as you’re willing to try again.

Are there any action items associated with it?

Take a look at things you’ve set aside and think about putting them back on your todo list. Try to assess why you put it on hold was there something preventing you from finishing that task? Did you fail at it and didn’t want to try again for fear of failure once again? What could you have done differently?

To make your goals or tasks easier to attain why not break them down into tinier goals? Work out the steps needed to obtain that goal. Those are your milestones. Then work out the steps to obtain those milestones.

Once you have these then it’s time to get a planner or calendar and put down on the calendar those steps… remember to keep it reasonable. Don’t expect to get everything done in one month or two. Instead pace the steps within reason and take into account your other obligations.

In conclusion…

You can do this. Give yourself permission to fail but keep trying until you succeed. There is no shame in failure so don’t give up.

Let the moon shine down on your darkness and light the way.

What goals did you not accomplish last year that you’re going to give another try this year?